Financial management is a set of actions and administrative proceedings involving the planning, analysis and control of the financial activities of the company, aiming to maximize the economic and financial results, arising from its operating activities.


  • Invoicing management to customers and suppliers;
  • Treatment of commission agents;
  • Treatment of commission salesman;
  • Charges management;
  • Accounts receivable and payable;
  • Balance age;
  • Salary alerts;
  • Bank management;
  • Control of checks and bills;
  • General accounting;
  • Analytical accounting.


The module of current accounts enables for all customers or suppliers recording of their releases, settlements and reconciliations. In addition, it also allows settling and managing of accounts.

The user can manage all the pending and closed payments from customers, to make direct entries in the current account and record settlement of documents. Besides, it allows the automatic issuance of settlement evidences, for shipment to the customer.

Sistrade® creates balance age charts for each one of the entities, issues payment notices, and expiry notices, listings with the pending documents per supplier, cash flow forecasting, balance age charts per document, etc.


Banks Management and Bills of Exchange Control allows to record and control the creation of several company’s accounts in several banks, to control the performed entries, Bills of Exchange, to manage Banks Cash Flow, perform entries, search entries and see extracts. This module can also be integrated with Current Accounts, in such a way that the entries can be performed automatically by the system.

This is a completely customizable module, allowing the definition of Entry Types, opening of one or more accounts for each bank, performing the cash-flow management regarding the received checks, managing accepted Bills of Exchange or to revalidating them, searching each account individually, performing entries with possibility of transfers between banks and/or possibility to pre-program entries, seeing extracts, create and bank extracts, account to account.


Comprising both the general and analytical this module offers a number of automation, efficiency and error prevention, coupled with a comprehensive reporting system for both operational and strategic analysis.

The Accounting Module has an automatic integration with other modules. It has an advanced and complex system of Transactions which enables direct integration in Accounting of all movements at the other modules that contain integration with accounting, such as customer management. Therefore, after parameterization, most of the Company's Accounting is done automatically, preventing the error and allowing a greater dedication of time for conferences and analysis.

The system contains a complete tax management, making printing support, printing templates and automatic generation of official files in accordance with the requirements of some countries, the Annual Return/Declaration and all its annexes, Periodic VAT Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

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