Sistrade® | SISTRADE ERP für mittlere und große Unternehmen

Information management is nowadays a real competitive success factor. Given this situation, we developed Sistrade aiming both, to facilitate and regulate the entry of the system information, and to create powerful tools of data analysis for decision making. Sistrade® ERP – Integrated solution

ERP Sistrade® fulfils all the daily needs of the company in terms of information and management. It is an integrated system to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Strength and Reliability

Sistrade® is Internet based, with SQL Server. This technology not only assures high reliability of data but also the scalability capacity. Sistrade® is an ERP, which is used by companies on four continents.

Who can use this ERP

Sistrade® is aimed at small, medium and large enterprises that look for an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) which ensures:

  • Mobility
  • Overall data reliability
  • Application adaptability to the business
  • Professional pre-sale and post-sale service
  • Information collection to support decision making
  • Innovative solution
  • Multiple-language support
  • Scalability


Sistrade® includes management tools that adapt the application to every business.

Development and Innovation

The application is in constant development and innovation. Not only to be adapted to the reality of various countries worldwide but also in order to satisfy the needs identified by users. The users define the development of the application. The mobility of using an ERP on tablet anywhere makes this innovative and flexible application.

Tried and tested ERP...

Sistrade® ERP is implemented in medium and large enterprises on four continents.



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