Established in 2008 in Zagreb, Cerovski Print Boutique is one of the best printing houses in Europe producing some of the best works of renowned designers on the market and for the customers worldwide.

Cerovski strongly invests in innovative digital printing technology of excellent quality. This is a growing need for fast delivery of short-run prints and offers the possibility of complete customization to the text, colour, image, background etc.

In order to provide high quality standards to its customers, Cerovski decided to implement Sistrade® MIS|ERP solution to manage the company. Sistrade® MIS|ERP is a solution able to meet the requirements of industrial sector; it is based on the latest information technologies, used to manage all business and production processes. Sistrade® is used in all the areas of the company, from estimating to production control and supervision, as well as stocks management, purchases, scheduling, financial management and shipment.