COMEX is a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, complex labels (peel & read, booklet, scratchcard), Braille labels, RFID cards and labels and MemoSticks. The company was founded in 1987 and is based in Wroclaw.

Complete integrated Sistrade® MIS|ERP system was implemented in the company, namely, sales management and estimates, production management and scheduling, stocks and purchases. COMEX has always put great emphasis on quality control of all production processes of complex labels and raw materials, as well as all the semi-manufactured and finished products. Therefore, to meet COMEX needs, SISTRADE team, within integrated Sistrade solution, created several innovative features which are globally unique solutions. One of them is the use of RFID technology in job order management.

CEO of COMEX, Mr. Paweł Korczak states: “For several years we have been looking for an integrated management system for label converting industry. Due to complexity of our production, the requirements for the system were very high and for this purpose we have tested many suppliers, no one could meet our expectations. Ultimately, the choice fell on Sistrade solution, which proven to be the best adapted software for our specifics and the most flexible partner for our needs. It is the only complete system for label converting industry”.