SISTRADE offers a wide range of support services to solve problems related with the system MIS|ERP Sistrade®. In this section we publish a FAQ list, where you can read some of the most frequent questions about our system. In this list you may find the answer to your problem. If that is not your case, you can contact us through our online support, explaining your problem. 


What kind of database does Sistrade® support?

Is Sistrade® ready for several users? 
Yes. Sistrade® uses MS SQL SERVER, which supports the number users you require. It is necessary to pay attention to the server's characteristics. It is possible to begin with a small Intel server, and then grow to a multi-processor server and a large memory capacity. 

Are the system modules web based?
Yes. All modules are web based. The system was developed from scratch, using Microsoft development tools. 

Is Sistrade® an ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning?
Yes, and more. Sistrade® performs all feature, from estimating to invoicing the final customer. But it also (if you require) can perform Shop Floor Control and SCADA, for example.

Is Sistrade® specific for Printing and Packaging Industry?
Yes, it is exclusively for Printing and Packaging Industry. It covers almost all types of Printing Industry available in the market (offset, label converting, packaging, flexible packaging, forms, envelopes, digital printing, etc.). 

What is Sistrade® interface language?
The system is ready to work in any language. At this moment it is possible to work in English, Spanish, French, Slovenian and Portuguese.

How can I become a Sistrade® partner?
In the first place, your company should have some technical competences related with I.T., or consulting services, or a good know how in Printing and Packaging Industry. Then, your company should have commercial capacities and should be able to provide all consulting and implementation services to the final customer.