Sistrade® is capable to provide you with all the necessary tools to manage all printing industries which work in the commercial area, producing booklets, magazines, books, and other. It is a completely customizable solution with the power to be implemented according to your specific needs both in terms of necessary modules or tools adjusted to the reality of your company, becoming very flexible at new specifications. 

Sistrade® provides you all the necessary information so that you manage your time and do not let the time to manage you. With all the analytical and statistical information at reach of mouse clicks you will have all the tools to control all production costs, making it easier to compare estimated and reached costs, allowing you to see your profit or loss. With the possibility of exporting the most of this data to external software, such as text processors, spread-sheets and other, it provides you the powerful and more familiar tools and can give you the additional precision tools that MIS|ERP systems are incapable of doing.




  • Estimating any type of job, such as: Magazines, brochures, catalog: calculating the number of book blocks and number of the pages per book block;  Hardcover books: calculating the shape of the cover and the needs of materials (cardboard, canvas, etc.);
  • Reel and cutting management;
  • Detailed calculation estimate costs;
  • Comparing different scenarios;
  • Simulation of other quantities;
  • Workflow for estimate approval;
  • Application of margins and economic/financial analysis of the estimate;
  • E-mailing the estimate to the customer.

Offset Printing


  • The job components are fully customizable and added to the estimate according to what is required by the estimator;
  • Introduction of items fully adjusted to the company;
  • Definition of the type of format and quantity;
  • Number of pages and items;
  • Definition of open format and closed format;
  • Type of paper and its grammage;
  • Selection of the type of format and the difficulty of the job;
  • Double printing.


  • The system suggests the paper to be printed according to the selected type of machine;
  • The system automatically calculates the printing imposition, according to the set items;
  • The user may change the space between grippers and auxiliary marks;
  • The system estimates the paper consumption, as well as its total cost;
  • The application determines the value of consumed ink, according to the printing area;
  • Type of paper and its grammage;
  • The optimization of the printing imposition is made according to the job to perform, the machine’s capacity, the type of paper, etc.


  • The system indicates the operations to perform according to the previously selected machine;
  • Attribution of estimated costs to the operation;
  • Makes available to change the operations to perform by manufacturing stage;
  • Presents the materials to consume;
  • The user may indicate an operation or manufacturing stage as being subcontract.


  • General costs with components and setup;
  • Printing costs, evaluating the measures on the imposition and the printing time;
  • Costs with colors, depending on the job’s area;
  • Costs with resources/machines, setup times and corresponding requirements;
  • Operations, including subcontract stages;
  • Global cost identifying cost/benefit;
  • Agent and salesmen commissions;
  • Application of financial margins, with margin indexes, commissions, administrative costs, set costs etc.;
  • Financial indicators.


Newspaper printing industry has particular characteristics with the specific needs of management and control of this sector. For obtaining high quality results, it is essential to have an effective control of all the stages of the production of the work, quick and reliable stock management, as well as information systems that respond to all the processes related to content printing in rotary coldset web offset printers that are reel fed.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have technological solutions to support those responsible for the management and maintenance of the equipment. Insofar as the information system is capable of sending warnings to preventive maintenance of CTP or a printing group of a rotary machine. The aim is to reduce the intervals of waiting for the intervention of equipment, to plan the work in a more efficient and reduce maintenance costs.

Besides the general features of Sistrade software, the module "Newspapers" offers the following features:

  • Simplicity in performing functions related to the warehouse management;
  • Movement of the reels through the standard IFRA barcode;
  • More efficient consumption control of the paper for publication;
  • Output for job order via a Wi-Fi PDA;
  • Perpetual inventory with just one click;
  • Paper reel control of different clients;
  • Definition of maintenance plans;
  • Issuing corrective maintenance orders;
  • Automatic launching of preventive maintenance orders;
  • Breakdown alerts;
  • Control of maintenance time;
  • Spares management;
  • Maintenance cost.


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