Sistrade® is an MIS|ERP system developed by SISTRADE, it is web-based and established on the most recent IT tools, allowing it to be used on all supports - PC/MAC, Windows/Linux/IOS/Android.

This sector of security printing industry has established its individual production environment and dedicated workflow that differs from the rest of the industry, the constant development in innovative security design, discrete process functionalities and exceptional material technologies are driving forces for permanent differentiation from conventional techniques. Planning, manufacturing, controlling, and reporting of all production processes of such high complexity in accordance with all necessary security requirements is quite complicated with the unique support of standard software.

SISTRADE has developed a very flexible, secure and modular system architecture which ideally supports customized design and quick adaptation for any security requirement. Conceptual work and extensive development provided perfect answers and comprehensive functionality for the special demand in the Security Printing business processes.

  • A header that displays all customer's data, namely customer's name, address, salesman, payment conditions, shipment data, quantity, estimate description, currency, and other information
  • Technical data about the job to perform, e.g. format type, final format, information about whether the paper/plastic is provided by the customer or not, grammage(gr/m2), microns, type of raw material, layers, printing forms, materials support, grammage level, work type, printing type, etc.
  • Multiple chapters with information about printing, cutting, collating, lamination, puncturing, hot stamping, milling, implanting, testing, personalizing, quality control, packaging, etc.
  • Internal comments, from customers and from other specifications
  • Workflow, obeying a pre-defined approval sequence
  • Definition of the printing machine with all its technical features
  • Change the features that the system suggests
  • Selection of colours which will be used
  • Selection of varnish type
  • Change of suggested paper by the system
  • Possibility of choosing a second printing machine
  • Imposition calculation and full optimization of imposition plan

  • Receptions with supervision control
  • Raw material outgoing for production
  • Setup material outgoing for production
  • Semi-produced material reception
  • Semi-produced material auditing
  • Return of blank material from production
  • Return of waste setup material
  • Return of waste material
  • Transfer between locations & auditing
  • Real-time localization system
  • Picking & packing lists

  • Security protocols forms
  • Quality control tests
  • Non-conformities
  • Inspections
  • Corrective order
  • Preventive orders
  • Immediate costs
  • Corrective costs
  • Nonconformities costs
  • Material supervision

  • Encrypted Users Passwords
  • Additional Security authentication per User/Device (Security tokens, Biometric, RFID, etc.)
  • Encrypted data transmission through Wi-Fi connections (HTTPS protocol)
  • Pre-assignment access rights per user, module and functionality
  • Historical logs per user, device and activity

SISTRADE has the right tool the push your company to Industry 4.0, optimizing, automating, and controlling your production line. One of Sistrade’s key applications is Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which delivers solutions to plan, collect data, supervise, and control the industrial process.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA):
  • Local or remote supervision: multi-factory
  • Real-time information about the machine status
  • Identification of employees working on the machine
  • Identification of the job order in progress
  • Produced and rejected quantities
  • Operations carried out per job order
  • Events and occurrences per machine and per job order
  • Display of speed per machine in real-time
  • Charts of speed history
  • Automatic record of downtimes and their reasons
  • Real time of preparation and production
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Occupancy rates
  • Analyze productive vs. unproductive time
  • Efficiency per machine

Job Orders:
  • Automatic generation through order confirmation
  • Series and versions management
  • Approval workflow
  • Attach documents to support the production process
  • Machine parameters
  • Grouped job orders
  • List of materials to consume
  • Production lot definition
Production Data Acquisition:
  • Release of job orders (start/end)
  • Start/end of operations (productive activities)
  • Assign/withdraw employees to/from certain machines
  • Reason of events (unproductive activities)
  • Materials to be incorporated in the machine
  • Production records
  • Quality Control tests
  • Visualization of job orders on Gantt chart
  • Assisted production simulation
  • Operation or activity planning
  • Real-time indexing of the start/end of production
  • Load analysis and resource availability
  • Colour-coded operations status
  • Drag & Drop of multiple operations
  • Management of delivery dates
  • Scenarios simulation
  • Multi-plant
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Standard Reports

Sistrade® solution provides various standard reports for all of the areas of the ERP allowing a quick access to key information on the company. Here are some examples of reports:

  • Sales ranking, analysis and evolution
  • Commissions report
  • Return on sales
  • Documents tracking
  • Orders evolution
  • Delivery time control
  • Sales by basic material/product
  • Control of purchases orders/receptions
  • Supplier prices catalogue
  • Control of supplier invoices
  • Inventory
  • Subcontracts cost expected/real
  • Annual purchase invoicing
  • Monthly/accumulated purchases
  • ABC supplier analysis
  • Workers and machines productivity
  • Expected production time vs real time
  • Real-time beginning and end of production
  • Real-time information about machine status
  • Machine history
  • Produced and rejected quantities
  • Evaluation of KPIs
  • Statements
  • Accumulated
  • Trial Balances – General Ledger
  • Fiscal Reports
  • Income statement
  • Current Accounts
  • Statement of settlements
  • Due date and collection notices
  • Vendors/Agents
  • Banks and cash
Report Generator

Sistrade® allows the user to generate specific reports from any module according to its needs.

All modules have the most relevant indicators to be presented for each area, such as the total of invoicing in sales, the occupation of the stocks in the warehouses, approved production orders in production, the total of debit and credit in accounting, the number of active employees in human resources and many others.

With this tool users can analyze important information of the company filtered by:

  • Week/month/quarter/semester/year/financial year and other periods
  • Client/vendor/country

Key information available for:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Stocks
  • Production
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Fixed Assets

Sistrade® B.I. system allows companies to gain more thorough knowledge about the factors that affect daily operations, thereby contributing to better decision-making in business. Managers are able to make more quick and assertive decisions, using the dynamic and appealing dashboards.

All the business analysis is displayed through information hubs:

  • Financial and Administrative
  • Commercial Management
  • Stocks & Purchases
  • Production Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Maintenance


Watch how Sistrade® ERP is being used in the Security Printing Industry:


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