ERP Software for Metalworking Industry

The metalworking sector often uses an interrupted production process, piece by piece. The production of large parts requires greater attention to the management of time and costs. Using the software of industry management Sist ...

ERP Software for Textile Industry

Textile industry is the sector of the economy devoted to the production of clothing, fabrics, yarn, fiber and other related products. Although from the technical point of view is a different sector, SISTRADE considers the foot ...

ERP Software for Wire and Cable Industry

SISTRADE presents its innovations for yet another market, providing new integrated solutions for producers of wire and cables and suppliers of transmission and distribution of electricity.

ERP Software for Food Industry

SISTRADE deliver our clients outstanding levels of productivity and increased operating earnings, together with the effective use of information systems and automation of the processes, providing enhanced competitiveness and o ...

ERP Software for Publishing

The editorial/publishing sector is a sector of activities which presents the production of medium/large graphic productions, thus, Sistrade® specializes in this area of work.

ERP Software for Services Sector

SISTRADE provides integrated solutions for the service sector, drawn and designed for the demands of organizations/institutions.