The food industry traditionally is a sector with concerns of quality, hygiene, security and logistics, adjusting advanced technology for this purpose. Typically it is an area that uses technology solutions to automate the process of filling, cleaning, CIP (cleaning in place), washing, although it is lacking in the use of control and supervision system of the entire industrial park, or even in the implementation processes that optimize the logistics process. SISTRADE is committed to addressing these needs, focusing on providing solutions that respond excellently to the growing demand for increasing quality and productivity, reducing costs and environmental suitability of the food industry.

We deliver our clients outstanding levels of productivity and increased operating earnings, together with the effective use of information systems and automation of the processes, providing enhanced competitiveness and operating performance.

With the software for industry management Sistrade® these issues are resolved through effective monitoring of work centers and an efficient manufacturing data collection. In such a way, food industry has tools for managing and monitoring projects to improve the competitiveness. 


  • Graphic supervisory system of filling lines;
  • Real time monitoring of achieved goals versus times held;
  • Automatic system for counting of broken and whole bottles;
  • Counters in critical points in bottling lines;
  • Productivity indexes per shift, bottling line, beverage type;
  • Management of technical data-sheets of the product, whether it is beer, mineral water, fruit juice, wine or sparkling wine;
  • Planning and sequencing of production orders by production line;
  • View of the weekly plan on the collection stations installed on the factory floor;
  • Calendar with weekly records;


  • Self-monitoring and control wheel (registration of quality parameters in production data collection);
  • Maintenance of groups filling (Washing, Filling, Corking, Capping, Labeling, etc.);
  • Maintenance of components per filling unit (Tank, Water Nozzles, Jaws, etc.);
  • Information panels (large LCD monitor placed in the factory showing management indicators and performance of production lines);
  • Maintenance of bottling orders;
  • Video of the day (dashboard with the information available in real time, records of production time, downtime, setup time, number of produced bottles, boxes, product type, breaks, circular quality control, wheel controls, etc., and these data presented per the production line);


  • Production data collection (PCs with barcode reader or touch screens placed in strategic locations throughout the factory to make the records of the beginning and the end of bottling order, allocation and decommissioning of employees, to classify the reasons for stopping, identify the operation (setup or production), and other);
  • Mobile Picking and picking list;
  • Packing List;
  • Consumed lot identification in bottling order;
  • Registration of consumption of materials and other raw materials (bottles, boxes, corks, caps, labels, etc.);
  • Assisted management to optimize the shipping process (using portable industrial WiFi terminal, warehouse prepares the shipping, reads the barcodes of the packages and automatically sends their delivery notes/invoices);
  • Queries of the statistical analysis per bottling order;
  • Queries of auto-monitoring, circular quality control and recorded downtime;
  • Quality query per group of filling;
  • Analytical and graphic reports with records of lines. 


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