Small and medium enterprises form the basis of the metalworking industry. This industry consists of workshops and component manufacturers using various manufacturing processes. In some cases, these companies are experts in particular processes. The metalworking sector often uses an interrupted production process, piece by piece. The production of large parts requires greater attention to the management of time and costs.

Sometimes the production of parts is quite extensive, during the transformation process performed by various people and machines as well as mismanagement of machinery and manpower, the cost of the product can increase.

Using the software of industry management Sistrade® solves these issues through effective monitoring of work centres and an efficient production data collection. Therefore, Metalworking Industry now has tools for management and control of projects that help to improve their competitiveness. 


  • Definition of articles, as for example, type of steel, type of material, category, etc.;
  • Definition of product trees with specification of project and components of the job;
  • Definition of operation structure;
  • Including formulas in the technical datasheet;
  • Management of derivatives and waste;
  • Including the preparation times, downtime and movement in production planning;
  • Serial number management.



Thermal cutting is a process used when a range of materials is separated by oxy-cutting, plasma or laser cutting. The type of material as well as the requirement of preparation for welding determines the choice of appropriate process. For the welding of semi-finished products such processes as TIG, MIG, MAG and plasma are used. In MAG welding, as long as it uses the proper technology and proper equipment, it is possible to reduce production costs through increased welding speed and a high deposition rate. As the additional process of the welding, autogenic processes such processes as oxygenated welding, flame brazing are applied. The process of laser welding is used in special applications, when the thickness of the material is reduced and the quality requirements are high or when it is necessary to join different materials. Sometimes it becomes necessary for the heating flame to preheat certain materials, as well as to temper defined areas to reduce tensions in a certain piece.

The autogenic process is used prior to welding repair to remove the existing defects in the seam welding. Suitable stripping equipment reduces the risk of secondary defects, as well as the subsequent welding problems. 

The thermal deformation can be an important problem during manufacture, especially while using heat processes. The autogenic process called trowel flame, is a very effective method to eliminate warping. With proper experience and adequate equipment, trowel flame is much more economical than the production of a new piece.

Furthermore, cleaning and stripping affects only the superficial part and is used to remove layers of rust, paint or grease from surfaces. In case of lower requirements for surfaces, solder to the flame or plasma in the corners are used, filling cracks and brazing of copper and brass.



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