The editorial/publishing sector is a sector of activities which presents the production of medium/large graphic productions, thus, Sistrade® specializes in this area of work.

This vertical integration of Sistrade® responds to the needs of the publishing industry, which develops a wide range of operational activities related to production and marketing of newspapers and magazines on different periodicity. 

This type of activity, and the nature of coordination of multiple publications, requires an integrated, multi-company system with potential for Estimating, Subcontractor Management, Production Planning, Purchasing and Stocks, not forgetting of course, control and coordination of a demanding delivery schedule. All these demands of publishing industry can be supported by Sistrade®. 


  • Any kind of estimate calculation;
  • One can define machine set from different suppliers/sub-contrators;
  • Estimate detailed costs presentation/ calculation;
  • Worklow, with pre-defined set of rules;
  • Extra quantities simulation/quantities;
  • Customer and suppliers prices list definition:
    • Simulation more 1000;
    • Validity check of the price list;
    • Status of the price list;
  • Sub-contractors management;
  • Approval workflows;
  • Automatic imposition plan calculation or more printing plans (according to the situation);
  • Estimate margins and ratios;
  • Documents tracing;
  • Editorial planning.


  • It stores all information related with created estimate, previously recorded and later approved by client/department;
  • It obeys to a defined set of rules, workflow, before any changing of status;
  • It permits to define, by client/department, article type and issuing date, or each edition/issuing, final product with all operations, number of printings per operation, final product components/article, handling, dimensions, etc.;
  • Edition delivery plan;
  • Edition ID, authors, producer, ISBN, etc.;
  • Different jobs association in the same project.


  • Monitoring process of Industrial production;
  • Job order issuing and management;
  • Industrial costs;
  • Comparison between estimated and real cost of production;
  • Quality tracing and control;
  • Production data collection;
  • Project dossier concept;
  • Job/operations scheduling;
  • Job dossier management.


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