Textile industry is the sector of the economy devoted to the production of clothing, fabrics, yarn, fiber and other related products. Although from the technical point of view is a different sector, SISTRADE considers the footwear industry as part of this sector.

Textiles are products of mass consumption that are sold in large quantities and therefore, represent a significant weight in the global economy, generating a large amount of direct and indirect jobs. At the same time it is a highly competitive sector dominated by the need to produce well and at low price. Hence the use of advanced management and production control is increasingly important for textile companies.

For textile industry, SISTRADE guarantees an advanced technological solution that effectively responds to a specific sector and at the same time presents a team with skills and experience to implement a business management project in an effective manner, i.e. reaching the customer's objectives for this project, and efficiently, i.e. in the shortest time and using only the resources needed for the project costs that are the lowest for our Customer. 


  • Structure of multi-level items customizable for each project;
  • Trees of complex items with unlimited number of modes and levels;
  • Setting predictive routings by product or range of articles;
  • Collection and project management;
  • Technical data-sheet of items with direct links to web-cam for product image recognition;
  • Control of raw materials per lot of articles;
  • Identification of semi-manufactured and finished products.


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