SISTRADE presents its innovations for yet another market, providing new integrated solutions for producers of wire and cables and suppliers of transmission and distribution of electricity.

SISTRADE developed specific solutions for this sector in order to manage and control the production of wire and cables. The system is prepared to work with insulated cables (low, medium and high voltage), including underground and submarine cables; bare aerial conductors; aluminium or copper cables; and other types of cables.

This industry has high standards when it comes to quality, approval and certification of products and therefore requires a system in order to support these processes, particularly, register of auto-monitoring, quality tests, minimization of setup times of the machines, effective control of the consumption of aluminium or copper alloys, time and production control, optimization of logistics, etc.

SISTRADE management software for industry solves these issues through effective monitoring of workplaces and efficient production data collection. This way, wire and cable production industry now has tools for management and control of projects in order to improve competitiveness.


  • Set technical data sheets using configurable variables, such as, visual appearance, winding, wiring, diameter, linear density, ohmic resistance, optical tube, etc.;
  • Technical data sheets by product code containing information of operating range, product tree structure, technical features, additional documents, control and quality tests and configurable attributes for each type of product;
  • Ability to exchange information with callipers or scales for automatic recording of the values and comparison with the preset tolerance intervals;
  • Control of processes, such as, casting, lamination, wiring, reticulation, wire drawing, drying, testing, etc.;
  • Complete system of quality control with the possibility to register carried out tests, set the standards, register visual non-conformities, register variables of tests by product, set sampling levels, etc.;
  • Control of reels produced per lot, ensuring complete screening of the production process;
  • Planning and sequencing of the production orders;
  • Issuing of quality certificates, approvals, testing confirmations and results of laboratory analysis;
  • Assisted delivery process, with dispatch preparation, picking list using PDT Wifi and automatic issue of waybills and packing list;
  • Tracking of empty and full cable reels;
  • Geographical location of the reels in warehouse through georeferencing.


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