SISTRADE provides integrated solutions for the services sector, drawn and designed for the demands of organizations/institutions.

The set of solutions that SISTRADE has to offer is very wide, covering the entire area of an organization/institution/company, starting with Project Management to control the time and costs of each project; Document Management for relief of excessive bureaucratic burden, even solutions like e-service which include solutions such as iProcurement, Content Management, CRM, Workflow and MarketPlaces. SISTRADE also aims to provide ASP services and consulting for the development of specific solutions according to a specification.

This is a technological solution-oriented for the development of electronic services, increasing the productivity of employees of the company, an association of suppliers, customers and partners with the value perspective, ensuring their full integration and automation, this way adopting an innovative and cooperative stance.

SISTRADE Services solutions are developed in a Web-oriented platform allowing an interactive interface with the user as well as time friendly. This is not a software package, but a set of software pieces that can be parameterized and implemented in the headquarters of the project.

As a matter of fact, this set of solutions is open to custom software, assuring the scalability and flexibility that the future demands of such solutions.


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