Nowadays, asset management software is an indispensable tool for managing the assets of a company, handling the entire lifecycle of the fixed assets and evaluating the effects in terms of financial choices.

Fixed Assets module of Sistrade® ERP was designed based on the new rules of NAS, and is therefore optimised for this new paradigm.

This tool allows the user an effective management of the entire lifecycle of the assets within a company, to carry out operations related to the asset and print reports of depreciation, revaluation and gains and losses.

The user can register factories within the company, which is useful when assigning assets to different locations, as well as for the preview list in order to get a more detailed location of assets.

When registering an item, the user can assign a factory, allocate it to a cost centre imported from analytical accounting, assign a supplier, manage warranties of an asset and assign a policy of insurance company. Using Integrated Accounting module, the user can associate accounts (NAS, depreciation), so that each time when the processing is performed, the resulting values are automatically exported to the account. It allows the lease-purchase of goods by associating an entity and all data necessary for that possibility, such as Value, Interest Rate, Monthly Installment, etc. In the sheet of assets, the user will also have an easy access to all history of all processes related to the asset.


  • Direct integration with accounting;
  • Revaluations (statutory and free);
  • Individual sheet of assets;
  • List of assets;
  • Management of insurance policies;
  • Statement of depreciations;
  • Trial balance of depreciations;
  • Disposals;
  • Write-offs;
  • Repairs;
  • Printing of labels;
  • History of processes;
  • Management of homogenous groups;
  • Management of depreciation decrees;
  • Opening and closing of financial years.

Regarding depreciations, it is possible to use a fee specified in the legal decrees with the date of purchase, or a fee set by the user manually justifying the use. Depreciations are carried out in two periods: Annual fee and Monthly fee, and two methods: Straight Line and Declining Balance.

The structure of Ordinances and Decrees serves to perform revaluations. In the Ordinances are introduced all the coefficients of the currency devaluations published in the official gazettes of the country (legal newspaper of the country); Ordinances are associated in the Decrees, in a statutory revaluation a decree must be indicated; otherwise, it is a free revaluation.


  • Complete sheet of an asset and list of assets;
  • Trial balance of depreciations;
  • List of revaluations;
  • List of depreciations;
  • Gains and losses;

List of assets represents an inventory of all assets of the company. Regarding the balance sheet of depreciations, it is possible to view depreciations by cost centre and homogeneous group, and within these, it is possible to choose synthetic mode which corresponds only to total values; or the analytic mode, that corresponds to a detailed statement per asset. Printing of labels is quite useful to identify the assets of the company. Legal reports comply with the publications of Finance Portal.


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