SISTRADE has the right tool to push your company to Industry 4.0, optimizing, automating, and controlling your production line. One of Sistrade’s key applications is Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which delivers solutions to plan, collect data, supervise, and control the industrial process.

SISTRADE offers solutions allowing to generate appropriate information to quickly support decisions, incrementing productivity, aligned with the foundations of Industry 4.0

As a starting point of Manufacturing 4.0 implementation, it is important to define a set of processes related to Product Lifecycle Management. In this regard, SISTRADE offers features which contribute in a significant way to an efficient PLM. It is important to highlight that production management is mainly supported by the management of job orders, which have direct readings of all elements and processes defined by PLM.

Main Features
  • Product technical sheet
  • Bill of materials
  • Bill of processes (routing)
  • Version control
  • Data repository
  • Electronic work instructions
  • Serial number management
  • Simulation and cost estimation
  • Product development
  • Rules of storage
  • Output priorities
  • Tests and trials
  • Control operation range
  • Equipment settings

A job instruction sent to the shop floor is designated by Job Order and can be issued manually or automatically through a registration of a client order or through the MRP (Material Requirements Planning).

Main Features
  • Automatic generation through MRP
  • Series and versions management
  • Approval workflow
  • Attach documents to support the production process
  • Machine parameters
  • Direct association with Technical Sheet
  • Grouped JO
  • List of materials to consume
  • Production lot definition

SCADA is a web-based software, which retrieves data from operators, machine sensors, PLCs (Programmable logic controllers) and various devices within a plant, even in remote locations.

SCADA has the ability to present a 3D plant of all machines, operators, and processes in real time, allowing to reduce unproductive time.

Main Features
  • Local or remote supervision, multi-factory
  • Actual information about the status of the machine operation
  • Identification of employees who are working on the machine
  • Production order that is in progress
  • Quantities produced and rejected
  • Operations carried out per job order
  • Events and occurrences per machine and per job order
  • Display of speed per machine in real-time
  • Charts of speed history
  • Automatic record of downtimes and their reasons
  • Actual time of adjustment and production
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Occupancy rates
  • Analyzing productive vs. unproductive time
  • Efficiency per machine


The system provides a web-based data collection that enables organizations to manually collect industrial data from industrial consoles, mobile devices or directly from machines and PLCs, applying the concept of "Internet of Things".

Sistrade® software allows organizations to automate their production processes, and optimize their production lines and transform into a SMART FACTORY

Information retrieved from manual collection
  • Release of job orders (start/end)
  • Start/end of operations (productive activities)
  • Assign/withdraw employees to/from certain machines
  • Reason of events (unproductive activities)
  • Materials to be incorporated in the machine
  • Production records
  • Quality Control tests
Why automatic data collection?
  • Increased data reliability
  • Minimize human error
  • Better control of machine speed
  • Reliable downtime record
How to acquire automatic data?
  • Use proprietary acquisition cards
  • Use standard PLC (for example, Omron, Siemens, …)
  • Use standard protocol (e.g., OPC Server, XML, …)
  • Use relational database (e.g. SQL Server)
Information retrieved from automatic collection
  • Machine status
  • Instantaneous speed
  • Average speed
  • Produced quantity
  • Setup time and production
  • Downtime
  • Consumed quantity
  • Other signals that can be relevant


Sistrade® brings Kaizen to the future, offering an interactive dashboard used to support the Kaizen implementation, substituting pen and paper dashboards with a highly dynamic and interactive dashboard.

Main Features
  • Setups chart
  • Downtimes chart
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Clear identification of goal vs. result
  • Graphical OEE analysis in different dimensions
  • Touchscreen display to support Kaizen meeting
  • Analysis of setup times within a given time period
  • Ability to immediately transmit the performance result
  • Graphical analysis of indicators crossing different dimensions (machine, time, job order, shift, employee).

Sistrade® delivers a digital board displaying status changes of production lines and alerts when events happen.

Main Features
  • KPIs
  • Notifications & alarms
  • Delays and downtimes
  • Current/next job order
  • Customizable visuals to highlight parameters
  • Events
  • Target/real
  • Good/waste
  • Setup times
  • Downtime


Overall equipment effectiveness quantifies how well a manufacturing unit performs relative to its designed capacity, during the periods when it is scheduled to run. Sistrade® software delivers OEE supervision and analysis in real time in order to optimize production performance and efficiency, contribution to a company’s continuous improvement.

Main Features
  • Analysing current performance
  • Downtime analysis
  • Availability ratio
  • Efficiency ratio
  • Quality ratio
  • OEE ratio
  • Charts and analytics
  • Optimizing efficiency and reliability of production processes
  • Performance by shift, by machine, by employee, by day, month and year
  • Others Key Performance Indicators


Managing production requires further analysis through interactive reports, in order to get insightful information to support managers' decisions. Sistrade® Production Management brings Shop Floor Control to another level by providing detailed reports regarding production, employees and resources productivity.

Main Reports
  • Current machine operation status
  • Real-time machines speed
  • Speed history chart
  • Automatic downtime record and cause
  • Occupancy rates
  • Consult job orders
  • Machine and production time and its deviations
  • Setup analysis
  • Jobs in machine analysis
  • History of machine productivity
  • Tracking of the production process
  • Job order waiting times per section and operating summary
  • Production data collection detailed registration
  • Report employee productivity, presence and supervision control
  • Analysis of resources and waste by JO
  • List of needs
  • SCADA 3D of plant layout


Sistrade® Scheduling offers a solution to organize all tasks and activities in an automated, fully interactive Gantt chart. The software has the ability to allocate machines and resources to its employees, offering a drag and drop feature, within the chart, resulting in a fully dynamic system.

Main Features
  • Master plan of production
  • Multiple Drag and Drop in Gantt chart
  • Scheduling of the JOs and/or orders
  • Visualization of job orders on Gantt chart
  • Setting time of operations
  • Subcontracting a particular activity
  • Dynamic planning with indexing to the beginning/end and delays in production
  • Synchronized with the production data collection
  • Auto adjustment settings including delays and unexpected events
  • Auto-optimization
  • Integration with Stocks Management and Equipment Maintenance
  • Easy employees/operations job assignment
  • Matrix-based scheduling
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Simulation and comparison of production planning scenarios
  • Report for controlling JO planning times
  • Report employee productivity, presence and supervision control

Sistrade® is prepared to register products manually by the operator through the console, or automatically via PLC, by placing sensors on the machinery.

Main Features
  • Registration of produced quantity in the industrial console
  • Registration of produced quantity via industrial automation
  • Calculation of production using a function of production time or speed
  • Connecting weighing equipment to determine actual weights
  • Productions in two measuring units (e.g. meters and kilograms)
  • Traceability of the production process


Sistrade® offers a complementary module to manage raw materials. This module consists of the definition of product trees, formulation, manual and automatic consumption, according to incorporation factors.

Main Features
  • Multi-level definition of product trees
  • Manual consumption with barcode reading
  • Automatic consumption based on the quantity produced
  • Pre-confirmation of the outputs of stock
  • Definition of the formulation with the start of the JO
  • Instantaneous consumption per machine and per shift
  • Various alerts for placement of raw materials per JO and per machine


A company's reputation relies on its products and services quality, which requires a high degree of control to fulfil clients' requirements.

Main Features
  • History of quality control
  • Statistics of reclassified products
  • Quality certificates
  • Alert system
  • Conduct tests and testing groups
  • Calibrations
  • Control costs
  • Traceability
  • Real-time reactive actions
  • User-friendly interface for quality records
  • Definition of tolerance intervals in absolute or percent value
  • Configuration of quality parameters, according to the type of process
  • User identification, date, time in which the test was done
  • Interface optimized for touch screen and portable data terminal
  • The possibility of connection to measurement equipment.
  • Analysis of waste per shift and per job order
  • Non-conformities per shift, per machine and JO
  • Graphic analysis of defects

Sistrade® ERP offers a wide range of solutions in this department to improve product quality, focusing on detecting non-conformities, calibrating equipment, managing equipment costs. The software is prepared to respond in real time to all challenges, giving the user the possibility to record every information for future historical analysis. Additionally, this module is prepared to trace each equipment and material available, in terms of nonconformities, tests, and inspections.


A production process can be very expensive, that is why managing industrial costs is a key activity for every manufacturing company. Summing up direct materials costs, direct labour costs and manufacturing overhead in production gives us the industrial cost of manufacturing. Sistrade® offers a solution to register every cost of materials, including indirect costs in order to calculate cost estimation closest to real.

Main Features
  • Job order real cost
  • Work in progress cost
  • Estimated/real cost comparison
  • Order profitability
  • Automatic update of default costs
  • Distribution of indirect costs by manufacturing phase
  • Distribution of indirect costs by cost centres


Asset management requires special attention from every organization, especially the ones, which have critical equipment as crucial investments. Poor asset management can lead to huge financial losses.

Main Features
  • Hierarchical structure of assets
  • Equipment tree
  • Detailed equipment sheet
  • Automated maintenance requests
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Recorded incidents and interventions
  • Integration with Scheduling
  • Maintenance analysis
  • Alerts for response times above default
Main Reports
  • Weekly summary of maintenance by employee/equipment
  • Technical dashboard
  • Equipment register
  • Needs list
  • Maintenance costs
  • Maintenance records
  • Maintenance plan

Analyse information about returns to the supplier and average delivery time, product consumption, bank account cash flows, work efficiency per employee and other information with Sistrade® SmartStatistics for different business areas.

Production Reports
  • Quantity and waste rates
  • Quantity and compliance rates
  • Ratios for OEE, quality, availability and efficiency
Quality Control
  • Graphical interface
  • Suppliers assessment by product family and subfamily
  • Non-conformities
Asset Management
  • Maintenance hours by machine
  • Maintenance hours
  • Occurrences by section
  • Real vs predicted maintenance

Sistrade® Business Intelligence is a tool that collects and compiles large amounts of data in order to generate relevant information regarding the companies’ operations. Through this module, companies have a better understanding of the daily operations as well as their environment.
Business Intelligence has a wide application when applied to an organization, as for example, Business, Finances, Sales, Purchases or Production.

Sistrade® Solution:
  • Perform analysis, by crossing multiple dimensions and metrics
  • Apply filters to any dimension of analysis
  • Results displayed analytically and graphically using any device: PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Information updated hourly, daily or on a weekly basis
  • Set latency in order to generate, correct and updated data results
  • Export data results to PDF, Excel and Word files
Main Features for Production
  • Analyze deadline compliance rate, where the satisfaction rate between the agreed delivery date and actual delivery is presented
  • Analyze job order costs (actual cost vs estimated vs sales value)
  • Analyze setup time rate, where it is possible to view the percentage of setup time over the total production, allowing the user to check the setup time of machines in order to carry out a given production
  • Analyze the availability ratio: the period of time the machine/section/plant should work vs the time it is working


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