A complete production management module includes criteria for planning, monitoring and industrial funding crossed with the information acquired in manufacturing processes related with the organization. All actions related to production management are aimed at improving and optimizing the organization throughout its manufacturing process. The design and development of production management was the reason why Sistrade® from the beginning of production processes was taking a very practical view at the control of operations.


  • Organize the production methods;
  • Plan and control the various manufacturing stages;
  • Order tracking in production, scheduling deliveries and launching of materials in stock;
  • Clearance of production costs;
  • Analyse efficiency by Line, Section, Machine and Employee;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Progress analysis of manufacturing;
  • Maintenance of information;
  • Production planning;
  • Simulation of production planning;
  • Production implementation;
  • Production control;
  • Production analysis – Consultations;
  • Production cost;
  • Estimating;
  • Update production time;
  • General specifications.


By applying Sistrade®, the user may create a new job order manually or input a job order created by MRP, after the requirement calculation is confirmed. In Production setup feature, there is a whole follow-up and setup process before a job order is created. This follow-up begins right after the creation of a job order. Therefore, the user may select all the planned jobs and send them to production. In order to have a real follow-up at the manufacturing stage, the application automatically issues barcodes of the machines, materials, employees and subcontracts. The user can group the job orders enabling optimization and decrease the damage. One can also control the movements of the production, may close and reopen the job and production orders, all that allows a graphic monitoring of the whole plant layout. Therefore, the user, from an interactive and intuitive screen, knows the current state of the industrial park.


The module of industrial costs offers the user a possibility to consult the actual cost of an order or a project at any time. The cost calculation is the result of the equation which variables are the workforce, materials consumed, operations, machine cost, other costs (electricity, gas, water, administrative) and breakdowns in production.

The user can also generate a comparative report analyzing the estimated job orders or associated orders. Therefore, analyzing the difference between what was estimated and what actually happened both, at the level of time of production and in terms of cost.


Possibility to view several production reports. Through the course of production the user is able to analyze and see the job order through the production reports:

  • See works in progress;
  • Analyse the production time;
  • Analyse workforce;
  • Consult events;
  • Consult material costs;
  • See the output;
  • See the productivity of machines;
  • See the productivity of employees;
  • See the profitability of work in progress.

The report can also be exported to another format that is preferred (Excel, Word, PDF, etc.). Load report, weekly schedules, industrial costs report, report comparing estimated and real (production cost).


Sistrade® also has a workflow system for jobs approval. This approval may be internal or interact with external entities through e-mail and may be total or only partial. Once the job is done and approved, it may be planned, or directly sent to production. Please note, that the whole process only takes a few seconds.


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