Nowadays, in organizations, it is essential to pay a special attention to the assets management, since the investments in resources are very significant and their ineffectiveness results in financial losses that may be critical. With the use of Sistrade® system, the organization has a maintenance control tool, whether for infrastructure, equipment or components, which allows the definition of a maintenance plan, registration of preventive and corrective maintenance, and launching maintenance orders. All this information of maintenance orders can be cross-checked with the production scheduling system (in organizations where this applies), in the production plan the system reserves time to carry out these orders.

Sistrade® system allows the asset management on a single platform, 100% Web and integrated with complementary modules, Stocks and Purchasing, Scheduling, Quality Control. It is a multi-company, multi-location, multi-language, multi-currency system. It enables configuration of Access Profile, Workflow of Approvals, Notifications Configuration, Options Search and “Full Text” Search.

Main Features

  • Hierarchical structure of assets
  • Equipment Tree
  • Detailed Equipment Sheet
  • Traceability
  • Equipment sheet
  • Automated maintenance Requests
  • Automated maintenance Repairs
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Recorded Incidents and Interventions
  • Integration with Scheduling
  • Maintenance Analysis
  • Alerts for response times above default

Asset management has to be one of the focus of every organization, especially the ones with manufacturing processes, which have industrial machines as crucial investments. Poor asset management can lead to huge financial losses.

Asset Hierarchy

Hierarchical structure of the asset portfolio: Building\Section\Asset Type\Asset

Equipment Tree

With the increasing complexity of equipment, the maintenance is no longer scheduled for all its constituent parts, but according to the needs of each “sub-equipment” or component. Responding to this requirement, SISTRADE developed its system supported on Equipment Tree. With this equipment tree, it is easy to obtain the structure of each resource and to prepare maintenance plans that can be sent to each “sub-equipment”/component or, to the equipment itself in its entirety.

Preventive maintenance

Any organization shall establish processes to proactively identify potential failures in the performance of its assets and evaluate the need for preventive action. In this regard, Sistrade® system allows the definition of maintenance plans/inspections. These plans can have a configurable periodicity (time period, km reached, hours of use, etc.) and related alerts that are sent to an e-mail address/box.

Corrective maintenance

When a non-conformity or an incident occurs in the asset system, they must be entered into Sistrade® system generating a request for corrective maintenance. Attached to such occurrences/intervention requests is all the collected information regarding the occurrence, which facilitates the resolution of the problem. The organization shall retain documented information as evidence of:

  • The nature of non-conformity or incident and any subsequent actions taken;
  • The results of any corrective action. 
Record of Incidence

The system allows recording incidences, breakdowns and maintenance requests, through interfaces adaptable to any device (e.g. Smart Phones and Tablets).

Maintenance Orders

Both, Preventive Maintenance plans as well as Corrective Maintenance requests, when they are being processed and validated by the user, they create a Maintenance Order. Using Sistrade® system, when preparing a maintenance order, all the information related to its implementation can be set. This information contains equipment data, material required for the intervention, description of the event, information about the maintenance to be carried out, employees involved, etc.

Record of interventions

Through the collection interface, the system performs permanent monitoring of maintenance. To do so, the employee, when starting the resolution of a maintenance order, gathers the information through, for example, a tablet or a barcode reader. Similarly, the material used during the intervention can be counted. Sistrade® system includes simple collection interfaces adapted to Smart Phones and Tablets.

Stocks and Spares Management

The module of stocks and spares management allows setting the tree of components/parts for each of the resources, incorporating materials at a particular maintenance and as the main feature, managing inputs, and outputs of spares warehouse.

Integration with Scheduling

For the industry companies, where the Industrial Maintenance is a critically important process, Sistrade® system includes GANTT diagram to facilitate the scheduling of all tasks involved in maintenance. This diagram’s information can be crossed with the production schedule, and this way, allow data analysis between production and maintenance. In this manner, the leaders involved will have updated information of all operations carried out in each equipment.


When the organization outsources any activities that may have an impact on the fulfilment of its objectives of asset management, the related risks should be evaluated. For this, Sistrade® allows controlling subcontracted processes and activities. In the settings of intervention request, there should be indicated the supplier to carry out the tasks involved, allowing the organization to control the outsourced maintenance.

Documentary information

The asset management system should include:

  • Documented information required by standards;
  • Documented information for the legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Documented information determined by the organization as necessary for the effective asset management system.

As a result, Sistrade® system allows attaching all the document types to the asset/equipment data sheets, maintenance plan, maintenance order.

Technical Dashboard

Evaluation by assets/period of the following indicators:

  • Duration and no. of interventions it has undergone and their nature (preventive/corrective)
  • Breakdown rate
  • MTTR - Mean Time to Recovery;
  • MWT - Mean Waiting Time;
  • MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures;
Equipment Register
  • History of interventions of an asset
Weekly Interventions Summary (by employee and asset)
  • Daily indication and time involved of interventions by employee/asset and asset/employee
Response Time to Intervention Maintenance Forecasts Maintenance Costs
  • The indication of all charges associated with maintenance interventions. With the monitoring and control of costs, it is possible to outline optimal maintenance plans in order to reduce costs, as timely maintenance allows a reduction in waste and errors.
Maintenance Registers
  • Annual overview and the nature of interventions over each of the assets of the organization's portfolio.


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