Sistrade® Project Management is a web-based module developed by SISTRADE that allows the company to expand to other business partners. This module ensures the management of different areas of a company, from ordering, product design, monitoring project invoicing, dispatch and activities planning.

Sistrade® Project Management is able to handle the increasing number of projects of a company, ensuring more rapid and efficient management, at the same time decreasing the workload of human resources responsible for managing all the information inherent in a project.

Using Sistrade® PM, the company can monitor all processes of the various ongoing projects, obtaining correct and efficient management, avoiding slippage and ensuring the success of the project as planned.

Sistrade® PM is an application that allows storing, process and organizing of information generated in the company.

Main Features

  • Possibility of several types of graphics (tree/hub);
  • Module parameterisation
  • Project management in real time:
    • Temporal component;
    • Financial component;
  • Create/modify/delete projects;
  • Create charts/reports;
  • Associate/disassociate project resources;
  • Assign resources to activities;
  • View tasks by the component;
  • Supplier evaluation;
  • Quick access to information;
  • Weekly overview of workload;
  • Gantt chart for projects;
  • OPPM (One Page Project Manager);
  • Future forecast regarding project status;
  • Start/stop methodology in activity execution;
  • Automatic notifications via email;
  • Control the progress of activities;
  • Relate external documents to projects;
  • Comparative maps between planned and actual;
  • Collect actual values of resources charged to the project (time, cost, etc.);
  • See workflow of activities.

Project management module can be presented through a HUB, using which, the user can select various module options with a simple click.

Module parameterisation: Possibility to parameterize the module according to the company using maintenance:
  • Work Departments
  • Types of Project Resources
  • Project Modules
  • Project Components
  • Project Activities
  • Project Resources

The application allows accessing suppliers according to specific configurable parameters. If a company has had an interaction with a particular supplier, the evaluation of this interaction could be submitted. Later, it is possible to access information dashboard taking into account the evaluations until the present day.

This feature allows you to define the hierarchical structure of the project and detail what their levels: modules; components and activities, following the PMBOK nomenclature.

Definition of Modules of the Project

This feature allows relating to a project the modules that will be developed or parameterized.

Define Module Components

This feature allows adding various components to each module of the project.

Define Activities of a Component

After the previous phase, the next step is to define the activities for each component.

Definition of a Work Team

This option allows specifying the work team of the project. The solution is to define the employees who will intervene in the operations. When adding a feature, it is necessary to configure the expected time of work for the operation and the time interval that the work takes.

Add/Remove Project Documents

This option allows relating documents in digital format to the project/activity.

See the Documents Related to a Project/Activity

Using feature one can check all the documents related to a project through search filters that can locate the desired document and automatically display the attachment.

Project Management on a page (OPPM - One Page Project Manager), a simplified project management tool, where for each selected and previously inserted in the system project, it is possible to have access to:

  • Objectives – presentation if the objectives were or not concluded until the present date
  • Deadlines (forecasted start and end) – Start date, end date, duration in days to complete (in this case applies to the activity, component or module)
  • Time % - Slippage percentage of completion (in this case applies to the activity, component or module)
  • Exec % - Physical percentage of completion
  • Forecasted time – forecasted hours for completion, set in forecast
  • Actual time – hours spent and counted in the execution of activity, component or module
  • Available time – hours still available for the completion of the activity, component or module
  • Gantt chart presentation

The work screen of each user has all the activities that the user is responsible for, which are displayed grouped by the project, and an overview of the weekly workload will be also presented. Here, the user can start/stop an activity using START/STOP method, the time will always be counted and the information about the spent and available time will be provided.

Control of Activity Status

Sistrade® PM has a set of maintenance features that allow managing activity status. Since an activity can assume a cycle of statuses, the system provides various options for changing the activity status.

Consultation of Activity Workflow

For each activity, the project management module allows knowing the workflow of all the statuses since it has been inserted into the system.

Register of Project Activities

Sistrade® PM provides the users with an overview of activities that the user was working on during the week, providing the time spent grouped by day. 

Consultation of Current and Finished Activities

This feature was created in order to give the project manager the most important variables involved in a quick and clear operation. By using a set of filters the system allows to visualize the selected activity, only completed or initiated activities are presented. Each activity is accompanied by a set of data (actual length, margin, percentage, status, etc.) that allow the manager to get a quick idea of the work done.

  • Accessible using any PC, tablet with the Internet access;
  • Smooth, graphic and descriptive interfaces;
  • Lean software application, fewer clicks, more time;
  • Allows users to make micromanagement of the scheduling;
  • Allows reducing bureaucracy in terms of Project Manager role (Project manager has always the final decision);
  • Quick access to useful information;
  • Easy understanding of what goes wrong in the projects;
  • Provides Gantt charts from level 3(Module) to level 1(Activity);
  • Software can be parameterised according to the company's requirements;
  • Easy to handle, very intuitive software;
  • Software available in various languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Arabic, Thai, Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish, Croatian).


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