Sistrade® Quality Control aims to control the quality of all the production processes, starting with control of raw-materials, semi-manufactured and finished products. The implementation of a proper policy of quality and process control leads to a decrease in total production costs.

Sistrade® Quality Control allows managers to analyze all the activities to accomplish a given operation and the responsible person appointed for each activity. Inspections carried out by those responsible for a particular product are recorded in the application, automatically assigned operations to be performed in these inspections.

Whenever there is suspicion of non-conformity or a doubt in quality, the manager may perform inspection/testing of a given material with given equipment. With the option of traceability, the quality manager can know what was inspected and tested until the moment of cause.

Using option of Calibrations the user registers all calibrations performed on equipment, who performed, when and using what equipment, it is also possible to see a history of calibrations performed.

Sistrade® Quality Control helps managing non-conformities, registering them, as well as their origins and causes. Undertake management costs of inspections and non-conformities, divide them by cost centers and automatically integrate them in the company accounts.

For each parameter, Sistrade® Quality Control allows one to create an unlimited number of situations that fit the reality of your business:



Using Sistrade® Quality Control, it is possible to define a Technical Quality Control Data-Sheet of finished product with one or more quality rules (previously defined) which will record all the tests values. According to control of permissions on the technical data-sheet of the product, the users can or cannot access to all or parts of the data-sheet (header, etc.). It is also possible to control data sheet versions.


  • Management of immediate and corrective actions;
  • Inspection and testing;
  • Non-conformities;
  • Data acquisition;
  • Costs;
  • Article Quality Standards;
  • Product Control;
  • Control of Waste Stocks;
  • Calibration Equipment;
  • Control Technical Data-Sheet.


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