Keep contact with your customers 24 hours a day

Sistrade® Web2Print is web-based software, allowing printing houses to maintain easy contact with customers 24 hours a day from any location worldwide. The solution uses HTML5, therefore, it can run on any device. Now your customers can make new orders or reorder products using their mobile devices or tablets.
This software provides the user with a quick concept of what to order. Users can choose a product from a catalogue, design their own product, select specific features and delivery date, in minutes. The entire ordering process has just become a great deal simpler with the use of Sistrade® Web2Print.

Printing online has never been so simple, with a fast and responsive platform web-to-print, customers, regardless of location and with any device can order a product and pay in no time. Sistrade® Web2Print is very intuitive, your customers can easily submit their design projects in various formats (pdf, png, jpg, bmp) or create their own product designs right within the application, where we provide a number of templates to choose from or the possibility to add your own template and the work on it further. What is more, the customers are able to make an instant estimate and simulate different values depending on a number of variables such as number, paper type or delivery date or any other type of element.

Sistrade® Web2Print requires IT skills neither from customers nor from administrators. Administrators can easily configure and manage web-to-print platform through a module, integrated with Sistrade® MIS|ERP, which allows them to modify the design and catalogue, manage orders, download files uploaded by users, as well as provides the administrators with the statistical data such as the information about products that were most visited, and many others features. The integration with Sistrade® MIS|ERP system allows the automatic creation of job orders.

We provide a high-security payment gateway, all data are encrypted and we guarantee the safety of your money. What is more, there are many possibilities of payment integration that can be configured.

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