With implementation of this solution, SISTRADE aims to streamline the handling of incoming/outgoing material of the warehouses, as well as make stock control more efficient. This way, from a quick reference to the system it is possible to know where certain packaging or article is stored. This query can be done using the PC or a wireless portable PDA terminal.


To reduce costs of the warehouse we offer Mobile Warehouse solution that optimizes company’s reception and shipping, streamlines logistics and reduces the processing time spent on operations related to the warehouse.

This feature allows the management of warehouses and their locations with the support of a simple wi-fi terminal, where all the management movements of within the warehouse is done with the use of barcodes. Mobile Warehouse is a solution developed by SISTRADE Web-oriented technology with real-time connection to the central information system of the company.

The warehouse keeper has at one’s disposal a system that allows the reception of material based on the scheduled deliveries plan; printing bar codes labels identifying each package; labeling the material; preparing for the automatic creation of delivery notes or Packing List; make inventory, stock updating; transfers of material; material inputs and outputs; production departures and returns and many other features.


This system is an advanced technology solution for managing and locating warehouses. This solution has the main purpose, to make the registration of entries/exits/transfers of material in warehouse through a terminal of radio frequency, monitoring the position of each package and other features.

It is therefore a complementary system to Mobile Picking solution.

Each employee from different warehouses should take along with them a PDA/terminal enabling communication with the server applied via 802.11g (wireless). Whenver a given material is stored in the warehouse location, the employee should read the barcode of the package and barcode of the location. This way, at any time consulting the existing stock in the system, the user can identify the material, quantity and the location.


To improve the system, each location must be identified with a barcode. In places where there is no possibility to stick a label, it should be placed on the ceiling with an inverted pyramid, in which each side is glued to a barcode that identifies the location. This solution is useful for identifying common areas, corridors, etc.


  • Material receptions. This feature allows reception of the material that enters the warehouses of discharge, by reading the barcode of purchase order;
  • Automatic identification of packaging weight;
  • Load Receptions. The feature that allows to record incoming material by reading the barcode of the lot of the supplier;
  • Material outputs to production. Allows checking out materials from the warehouse for a job order, for a resource or a section;
  • Material returns from production. Allows returning material to the warehouse, requiring only to indicate the quantity returned;
  • Shipping. This feature allows recording the output of finished product and subsequently issuing delivery note or CMR;
  • Picking List. By reading the bar code of the previously created picking list, the system makes the combination of packages to be sent with the picking list;
  • Inventory. The system makes the process of inventory quicker and more efficient;
  • Stock updating. By reading the barcode and an indication of the actual amount, the system registers a movement of an update;
  • Lots division. Allows making the division of one or more packages;
  • Location search;
  • Packaging search. After reading the barcode on the packaging, the PDA interface shows all the details related to the packaging, including the history of consumption of the packaging.


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