Stocks and purchases management is crucial, as the performance in this area has direct outcomes in financial and operational results. The adoption of a faster, simpler and flexible stocks & purchase tool solution is essential to support the decision to buy, what to buy, from whom and in what quantities. SISTRADE provided to its customers a system for stocks and purchases management flexible, with exponential solutions, adjustable to accommodate your company rules and create an actual generation of business management scenario for a faster and more stable growth of your enterprise.

Why Sistrade stocks and purchases management module?

  • Reduction of time consumed
  • Customized and versatile solutions
  • User friendly
  • Good cost opportunity
  • Management tools via web provide total control of all processes regardless of geographical location
  • Understand data to capture the 360º view of the company through SmartStatistics which means that you can improve your management decisions on time.

Supplier Management is responsible for managing suppliers' prices. Through supplier management, the company can see all information to support the supply chain decisions as well as the internal data from its suppliers.

Main Features
  • Interactive management of suppliers and supply contracts management
  • Sub-families of materials supplied
  • Catalogue of items supplied
  • Price catalogue
  • Definition of dynamic price lists by product rules and by supplier
  • Automatic or semi-automatic transmission of price queries to suppliers
  • Analysis of offer responses and selection of suppliers based on pre-established criteria
  • Conversion of selected offer to purchase order to supplier
  • Registration requests by accredited users and authorization by the responsible for the service
  • Creating internal requests through the selection of authorized order
  • Prepare and issue purchase orders to satisfy the previously authorized internal requests
  • Make a fast request quotation: with just one click, it is possible to request an estimate from several suppliers and send it by e-mail
  • Integration with the registration of orders to suppliers
  • Subcontracting management, either in perspective of outsourced services or products

Material Requirements Planning is an analysis program with an algorithm that allows purchase planning and inventory control. This means that it is a time-phased priority planning technique to determine what material should be ordered and when. This tool is organized in logical stages to ensure the availability of components, materials, and products to create automatic job orders for production.

Orders -> Job orders
  • Material Requirements
    • Selected materials to be used
  • Bill of materials
  • Reserve of material
  • Purchase needs
    • Calculation of purchase and production needs
    • Calculation of dates and their linking by lead times of purchase and manufacturing
    • Recalculation of dates and their notices to the user of the possible non-compliance of delivery deadlines to the customer of the final product
Other features
  • Suggested order fulfilment and the minimum stocks
  • Suggested material reserves
  • Grouping of materials to decrease production downtime through reduction of setup time
  • Dynamic tracking: consequences of changes in reserves or purchase values
  • Dynamic 3D chart with charges of machines vs available time

In purchase management, the system analyzes the needs of a warehouse warning for stock replacement. The user may require a purchase and through the list of needs, the system issues the purchase to the supplier. The purchases could be controlled through an analysis of the status of order fulfilment. The application can issue statements with deliveries of materials and their barcodes to be used at the reception of the material. By reading the bar code system records the entry of the material, automatically rendered in stock movements.

The user can create delivery notes for suppliers and customers. These notes send the output of the recovered material as sale and record the quantities and value. The supplier transport notes are issued to monitor the transport of the material.

After the recording of the receipt of merchandise, the user can register the invoice from the supplier based on the same receipt or whilst confronted with the department which approved the invoice sent to the supplier. After the invoice is registered in the system, the accounting entry is automatically reflected in the accounting module. The purchase order may be registered by two means, one is through the confirmation of a given request, another is manually or in the option of keeping the user purchases, the vendor selects and chooses the article to purchase. In the same purchase, materials and services can be registered.

The system allows making purchases of encryption products, whether they are materials or services or purchases made in free text. Automatic and faster process to issue orders to suppliers is following the stages of the workflow approval of requests cycle.

Needs analysis
  • Analysis of the warehouse needs
  • Warning for stock replacement
  • Material requisitions
  • Approve purchase orders
  • Distribution plan by date or by warehouse
  • Dispatch of the purchase order to the supplier
  • Sending directly by e-mail
Subcontracting management
  • Sending material to the subcontractor
  • Transformed material reception
  • Delivery performance
  • Appreciation of material received from the subcontractor
Supplier invoice
  • Registered invoices received from suppliers
  • Integrated with the current accounts
  • Available for payments by the treasury

Stocks management by Sistrade® MIS|ERP provides a real-time monitoring and maximizes your benefits from just in time inventory. It is a complete stocks solution that covers the entire stock business cycle in order to accelerate the growth of your business and control all aspects of your inventory.

Main Features 
  • Available stock
  • Control of receptions
  • Stock update
  • Through the feature Analysis and Material Search, the user can perform various types of queries to the inventory
  • Through the reference and the type of product, the average unit price, the value described and quantities of the products will be analyzed
  • It is possible to analyze and search movements per product
  • Search lot divisions
  • Outputs to production and returns
  • Stock correction
  • Inventory with information on stocks, purchases, consumption and adjustment of stocks
  • Details of material cost by production stage
  • Scheduled delivery list, material pending delivery in the warehouse or to restore the minimum stock
  • Safety stock alert
  • Multiple warehouse
  • Warehouse article tracking
Delivery schedule

A powerful tool where it is possible to check the material entries in real-time.

Material reception

There are two options for registering the material reception:

  • Direct entry of the registered quantities
  • Material reception record and further confirmation
Some Features
  • Record the reception of product/service orders from suppliers
  • Movement record of stocks material consists of using a set of locations labelled with barcodes
  • Reception confirmation

Reports & Analytics

Sistrade® solution provides various standard reports for all of the areas of the ERP allowing a quick access to key information on the company. Here are some examples of reports:

Purchases Management
  • Supplier prices catalogue
  • Needs analysis
  • Purchase analysis and purchase orders
  • Purchase by material
  • Purchase by material type
  • Indicators of purchase management
  • Subcontracting costs
  • Control of supplier invoices
Stocks Management
  • Inventory
  • Material current account
  • Movement summary
  • Lot search
  • Stock search
  • Stock forecast
  • Consumption control
  • Outputs for production
  • Current account of material
  • Material lot traceability
  • Prices of lots
  • Finished products
  • Shipping
  • Return to customer

Analyse information about returns to the supplier and average delivery time, product consumption, bank account cash flows, work efficiency per employee and other information with Sistrade® SmartStatistics for different business areas.

Purchases SmartStatistics
  • Volume of purchases
  • Purchase volume in the economic period
  • Average purchase value
  • Total pending requisitions
  • Total opened purchases
  • Total entries per invoice
  • Registered invoices
Other smart dashboards
  • Returns supplier
  • Supplier ranking
  • Ranking of materials
  • Average delivery time
Stocks SmartStatistics
  • Pending reception
  • Pending deliveries perform
  • Material below minimum stock
  • Warehouse occupation
  • Variation of stock
  • Stock value
  • Warehouse occupation
  • Average time of permanence


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