Improve the Financial Operations of your Company

Financial Management is a set of actions and administrative proceedings involving the planning, analysis, and control of the company financial activities, to maximise the economic and financial results from its operational activities. With General and Analytical Accounting software, your company can automate financial processes, resulting in a fast, secure and efficient integration, fulfilling its legal obligations.

Financial Management allows:

> Manage invoicing to customers and suppliers
> Manage of agent and salesperson commissions
> Charges management
> Current accounts
> Payments delays
> Expiration alerts
> Banks management
> Control of checks and bills
> General, Analytical and Budgetary Accounting
> Real-time analysis of global financial status
> Automatic synchronisation of data across the company
> Direct export of legal documents to the Finance Portal



Current Accounts

  • Make direct entries in the current accounts
  • Record releases, settlements and reconciliations
  • Settle and manage accounts
  • Manage pending and closed payments
  • Make direct entries in current accounts
  • Create, validate and accept document groups
  • Issue settlement confirmations automatically
  • Direct connection to bank accounts
  • View and automatically manage exchange rates
  • Create lots related to a factoring entity
  • Management of Cash flow
  • Automatic integration with General and Analytical Accounting module

Control of Payments and Receivables

  • Define typical entry transactions
  • Pre-program automated entries
  • Perform and search entries, and view statements
  • Control entries, bills, discounted securities and statements
  • Perform entries of transfers between banks
  • Record and control the creation of the company’s accounts in several banks
  • Create, control, and view statements of each account
  • Bank statement reconciliation and management
  • Integrate treasury entries of deposits and transfers
  • Manage cheques and cash from received payments
  • Manage bank cash flows and bank expenses
  • Perform cash flow management of the received checks

Vendors and Agents

  • Management of Agent and Salesperson commissions in three ways:
    • Sales over the invoiced/charged
    • Fixed percentage over the invoiced/charged during a certain time period
    • Variable over the invoiced/charged during a certain time period, according to ranks or objectives
  • Payment and summary of commissions monthly or quarterly

General and Analytical Accounting

Sistrade accounting module allows automating the process, resulting in a secure and fast integration of accounting entries and calculations.

  • Integrated with other modules
  • General and analytical accounting with a comprehensive reporting system
  • High level of automation, improving efficiency and error prevention
  • Define all typical entries used by the organisation
  • Budgetary accounting, which allows defining a budget in order to analyse the deviation between the real and estimated transactions
  • Cost center management
  • Management of Charts and Plans:
    • Define and manage all accounts of VAT Chart
    • Define and manage all accounts of the centre cost chart
    • Define and manage all cash flow plans
    • Define and manage all plan features
  • Open and close Fiscal years (Balance transfer)
  • Manage VAT and profit and loss clearance of the organisation
  • Simulate VAT clearances
  • Profit and loss clearance account
  • Complete tax management, printing templates and automatic generation of official files according to each country requirements
  • Profit and loss configuration
  • Define and manage the integrations in accounting:
    • Sales
    • Purchases
    • Treasury
    • Entry of deposits and transfers
    • Stocks
    • Wages
    • Fixed assets
  • Manage and configure connections for integrations, treasury documents, accounting, human resources, and stocks


The Sistrade solution provides various standard reports for all of the areas of the ERP allowing quick access to key information on the company. Here are some examples of reports:

Current Accounts

  • Current account balance sheet and search
  • Statement of settlements
  • Pending statements
  • Complete report of all documents of a third party
  • Customers, suppliers and other debtors & creditors payments delays

Vendors and Agents

  • Due-date notice
  • Notices of collection
  • Suppliers payment sheet
  • Print receipts by range of documents
  • Customer and supplier virtual wallet

General and Analytical Accounting

  • Account statement and accruals account statement
  • Periodic VAT statement and accumulated VAT statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Cost centre statement and accumulated cost centre reports
  • Report of Journal
  • Analytical VAT, Cost Centre trial balance
  • Trial balance of accruals and final balance
  • Journal of monthly summary
  • Loss and profit statement balance sheet
  • Regularisation Journal, Closing and Opening summary reports
  • Accounting ledger
  • Ledger balance sheet
  • Trial balance of VAT
  • Analytical trial balance
  • Trial balance by cost centre
  • Annual Return/Declaration and all its annexes
  • Fiscal reports

Control of Payments and Receivables

  • Account search and consultation
  • Search of bills of exchange
  • Suppliers' bills of exchange
  • Report of issued/received documents
  • Checks control
  • Bank account consultation



All modules have the most relevant indicators to be presented for each area, such as the total of invoicing in sales, the occupation of the stocks in the warehouses, approved production orders in production, the total of debit and credit in accounting, the number of active employees in human resources and many others.

With this important tool, users can analyze important information of the company filtered by:

  • Week/month/quarter/semester/year/financial year and other periods
  • Client/vendor/country


Business Intelligence

Sistrade Business Intelligence system allows companies to gain more thorough knowledge about the factors that affect daily operations, thereby contributing to better decision-making in business. Managers are able to make more quick and assertive decisions, using the dynamic and appealing dashboards.

All the business analysis are displayed through information hubs:

  • Financial and Administrative
  • Sales Management
  • Stocks & Purchases
  • Production Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Maintenance


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