Copidata was founded in 1970 focusing on the production of continuous forms for computer. During its activity, Copidata extended its portfolio to all the solutions that the market has requested, with the special emphasis on envelopes, becoming a national leader in both areas.

In 2015, already integrated in Printeos multinational group for 8 years, Copidata opened a new chapter in its history by acquiring the business units of Etiforma and Lithoformas.

Today Copidata is a leader in the areas such as labels and stickers, tickets, printed napkins, envelopes and forms and is among the major providers of customization and document management services on the market.

In 2016 Copidata decided to acquire Sistrade® MIS|ERP which allows management of all the departments and business units, such as specific estimating (parameterized) according to the product type (labels, forms, envelopes, etc.), order management, invoicing, purchases from suppliers, stocks management, job order management and production data collection via production terminals, and other features.


In the context of the technical sessions dedicated to the theme “Digital Transformation and the Future of Companies”, to which T&G was invited by SISTRADE, we conducted an interview with Hugo Pardelha from Copidata, S.A.

Copidata is a company that produces labels, tags, forms and other printed products. Could you tell us a little about the history of Copidata?

Copidata is a company with 50 years of existence that was founded with national partners. In 1999, it was acquired by the EDP Group and in 2007 sold to a Spanish group, a part of which it still remains today. In 2015 Copidata acquired two companies in one go. We bought Etiforma, a specialist in the field of labels and tags, and Lithoformas, which was a leader in ticketing and also produced labels and forms. We were thus able to create a company with several business areas that were not available in Portugal.

What are the main products and markets in which you operate?

I prefer to put it this way: we all use products made at Copidata every week. We don’t notice but we do use them. We are national leaders in the production of envelopes, forms, ticketing, and labels for the pharmaceutical industry, and, without mentioning brands, the main brands consume the wipes produced at Copidata. We already export (indirectly) products to several countries. During the pandemic, a year ago, we managed to put our products to use in Taiwan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. So we managed to enter many countries.

What led Copidata to implement Sistrade Software?

Copidata already had a robust IT system but lacked a flexible IT system for the printing industry. We consulted several solutions and SISTRADE emerged as the most robust and versatile system, allowing Copidata to fully manage all departments and business units, from specific estimating (parameterized) by type of product (labels, forms, envelopes, etc.), order management, invoicing, purchases from suppliers, stock management, job order management up to the production data collection via factory terminals, and other modules.

Was the fact that Sistrade Software was strong in the area of production management an important aspect in the decision-making process for Sistrade?

Yes, of course.

SISTRADE engineering team works in areas of technically complex products – does Copidata also have this industrial peculiarity?

It does. I don’t know if Copidata was a guinea pig for SISTRADE or SISTRADE was a guinea pig that had to respond to the challenges of Copidata.

In this context of digital transformation of companies, Sistrade Software can directly connect the company's machines to the management system. Can you explain the importance of such connection to the machines?

Above all, the reliability of the data. The data that we are analysing, the reliability of people’s productivity, we can easily measure this data.

SISTRADE has a wide range of solutions in the area of industry 4.0. Are these software tools in line with the future needs of Copidata?

Yes, and I hope that during the event today some seeds for the future challenges will be sown. In fact, we ourselves intend to launch some other challenges to SISTRADE.

Are you overall satisfied with SISTRADE?

Certainly. I think we can never say that we are completely satisfied because we always have to be demanding.

Would you recommend Sistrade software to other companies?

Yes. We have this system ourselves in another company of the group and for the companies in the printing industry, regardless of the type of product, I think it is a software that offers many guarantees.