Damer Gráfica S.A., a prestigious company on commercial work established in Angola, acquired the integrated business management system Sistrade® MIS|ERP.

After an international consultation, SISTRADE presented its own ERP – Sistrade®, an innovative and integrated project that was selected and allowed to reach a trade agreement between SISTRADE and Damer Gráfica S.A.. 

Damer Gráfica S.A. was searching in the market for a high technology solution to provide them the automation of business processes and internal organization, adapting to their specific needs. 

Sistrade® MIS|ERP was the only solution which was able to incorporate all types of work sought by the company, from the commercial offset to the high security products, with no need for development, i.e. through the parameterization of processes and types work (an element key of Sistrade® MIS|ERP) can fit the system to any type of work of this industrial enterprise - Industry Printing and Graphic Arts. So, to satisfy the need for management and control of business processes (estimate, invoice, etc.) and the production process, such as manufacturing orders, online acquisition of the production in all sectors of the company, planning and supervision of production, cost control through comparative reports that allow a detail comparisons of the costs and time estimated versus that produced in real time.