Eurodois - Artes Gráficas, LDA. was founded in 1988 with the aim of responding to an increasingly demanding market in print quality. In 1992, the need for modernization and development led Eurodois to make important investments, such as the construction of new facilities and acquisition of technologically advanced equipment. Nowadays, Eurodois has at its disposal a building of 2000 m2 with a possibility to expand the facility to 4000 m2. On informatics level important investments and the introduction of CTP are planned. In the production sector there are 60 people working at 4 and 5 colour printers (format 50x70 and70x100) and a complete line of finishes. Being a certified company (ISO9002) and having to meet the high standards of quality, Eurodois had needed to purchase a system for production management - Sistrade® MIS|ERP. The features implemented in this project were: estimating module and production module. 

SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. is an informatics engineering company, which has a management system for the Printing and Packaging Industry named Sistrade® MIS|ERP. Sistrade® is specific ERP for this industry which is based on the latest information technologies, such as access via Internet Browser and use of Microsoft SQL Server, and features from Estimating to the control and Industrial supervision through the electronic commerce and supply management.