José Leite Castro, Lda, through Euveo, Lda purchases Sistrade® MIS|ERP at SISTRADE to computerize the area of production management. To speed up the relationship with business partners, JLC also ordered an institutional portal with e-commerce functionality.

JLC Lda, is a company with multiple activities, enhancing its activity in the area of marketing of decorative fabrics, manufacturing and marketing of furniture and also providing services in the field of interior decoration. Acting in Iberian market, Sistrade® MIS|ERP, with all its features available via the Internet will be an important tool in the business strategy of JLC.

A SISTRADE – Software Consulting S.A. is an informatics engineering company, which has a management system for the Industry named Sistrade® MIS|ERP. Sistrade® is specific ERP for this industry which is based on the latest information technologies, such as access via Internet Browser and use of Microsoft SQL Server, and features from Estimating to the control and Industrial supervision through the electronic commerce and supply management.