SISTRADE exports software and services to Latin America. 

POLIGRáFICA is a well known company in Ecuador, ordering integrated business management system Sistrade® MIS|ERP to manage its industrial company that counts about 250 people. POLIGRáFICA C.A. is a printing and packaging company, based in Guayaquil, in Ecuador that began its operations in 1979. Since its foundation until today its growth has been considerable, and today it is the company of reference in Ecuador and one of the most important in South America.

After international consultation on the part of POLIGRáFICA C.A., SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. arose with its ERP - Sistrade®, featuring an integrated and innovative project to Ecuadorian company. After a long period of negotiations, conducted by Business Developer team of SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. together with its delegation in Madrid, it was possible to reach a trade agreement that allowed the contract between SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. and POLIGRáFICA C.A. 

Sistrade® MIS|ERP was the only solution that proved the ability to incorporate all types of jobs of the company, starting with the offset up to the continuous forms, without any need for development, namely through the parameterization of processes and types of work (key element of the design of Sistrade® MIS|ERP) it is possible to adapt the system to any work of this type of industrial enterprise - Printing and Packaging Industry.