Luna Press is considered a leading company in the Middle East printing industry; it offers a complete range of quality printing and packaging services, all under one roof, for national and international customers. Sistrade software will allow Luna Press to integrate management of all its departments, from estimating complex products (packaging, flexible packaging), to invoicing, purchases, stocks management, job orders management, production data collection and scheduling.

Luna Press orders SISTRADE software and consulting services to automate business process of the company. Luna Press has chosen Sistrade software for many reasons. One of them is the amount of features available related with estimates, manufacturing process and automation. Another reason to decide upon Sistrade software was the innovative technology used, mainly the fact that Sistrade software is 100% web based and is available in many languages, including Arabic language. Sistrade software will provide to the company the possibility to integrate all the information from different departments in only one system, and give each user all the required information. This investment will also let Luna Press improve customer relationship and quicken the response time to customer requests.

Datum: Samstag, 10. November 2012