Present and emerging challenges for the European industry sustainable competitiveness call for excellence in:

:: innovative, high added-value, world-class competitive products, :: novel business models providing the control of global networks and supply chains, :: flexible, top-quality European manufacturing standards, :: leadership in sustainable development: environmental friendly processes, low energy and materials consumption, safeguard of manufacturing employment in Europe.

After previous Manufuture Conferences in Milan, Enschede, Derby and Tampere have addressed the development of “Vision for 2020” document and the Strategic Research Agenda for European Manufacturing, which were undertaken by the Manufuture Platform, Manufuture 2007 Conference shared this issues with top industrialists, researchers and policy makers.

At the moment when the Manufuture ETP builds on 25 national and regional platforms, bringing together a vast majority of the relevant stakeholders of European manufacturing, the Manufuture 2007 Conference addresses new concerns. The topics covered pertain to the sustainability of manufacturing activities and operations in Europe and the global positioning of European manufacturing companies for the years to come.

Datum: Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007