SISTRADE participates in the international conference PRINT.Fest, organized by Ambalaza partner, it is an event that brings together users and printing producers in Croatia, as well as designers, printing industry and all those, who are in any way related to the printing industry. During the conference, SISTRADE will have the opportunity to present Sistrade® - Business Intelligence In Printing Industry during “New Age of Print” sessions on the 04th of March.

Business Intelligence is a business management term referring to applications and technologies used to collect and analyse large amounts of data as well as information about the operations of an organization. Sistrade® Business Intelligence system allow organizations to gain more thorough knowledge about the factors that affect day-to-day operations, thereby contributing to better decision-making in business.

Sistrade® BI is a 100% web-based user-oriented tool that helps making faster and more assertive decisions using dynamic and appealing dashboards. It provides the information and analysis focused on business problems that users are trying to solve, increasing their added value and quick solution of those problems.


Datum: Donnerstag, 3. März 2016