It is intended to enhance the advance on a market that has been very receptive to the solutions of SISTRADE, and thus increase local contribution. SISTRADE aims to strengthen its commercial and technical capacity on Arabic market, as well as to increase its sales on the market already in 2012!

The expansion of SISTRADE in Arab world owes much to our local Partners collaboration as well as to Portuguese Chamber of commerce in these countries. Earlier this year, the mission to contact and explore printing and packaging market in North Africa region was launched. As a continuation of the defined strategy, SISTRADE carried out a new business mission to Casablanca, Morocco in July of 2012. During this mission, various printing houses from different sectors were visited; all these printing houses have shown willingness to acquire SISTRADE solution. As a result of this mission, a commercial partnership agreement was signed between Sistrade and Amigraph. In 2012 SISTRADE will organize several missions directed to the various regions of Arab world, namely, Middle East and North Africa, and participate in some important events related to printing and packaging industry of this region.

Datum: Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012