After international searcg by POLIGRáFICA C.A., SISTRADE apply with own developed ERP- Sistrade® - presenting an integrated and innovating project. After a long negotiating period, directed by SISTRADE Business Developer Team with help from our delegation in Madrid, final agreement saw day light and a contract was celebrated between SISTRADE and POLIGRáFICA C.A..

Helped by Corporacion Triunfal, consulting company, POLIGRáFICA C.A. was looking for a solution for business process automatization with an evolved technology architecture as well as a solution in future, that is technologically up-to-date, enabling a better organization and increased competitiveness in the market.

Sistrade® was the only solution that was able to incorporate all jobs types of the company, from offset to the continuous forms, with no need of development, in other words, through the customizable process and job types (key element of the Sistrade® development) is possible to adapt the system to any job type of this industrial company type - Industry of Printing and Graphic Arts. In the same way, the need for commercial and production management (technical data-sheets, estimates, invoicing, CRM, etc.) was also fulfilled, just like Job Orders Issuing, on-line Data capture from production shop-floor, production supervision/monitoring, costs control through comparison maps/reports between estimated and real industrial costs.

Another main issue in POLIGRáFICA C.A. decision process was multi-lingual support by Sistrade®, particularly in Spanish and English, and its web-server architecture, meaning no costs with licenses per user. No solution, but Sistrade®, was 100% web based! All differentiating facts result on Sistrade® choice!


POLIGRáFICA C.A. is a printing house, based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and started in 1979. Since its foundation until today, its growth is outstanding being, nowadays, a reference in Equador and South America’s Printing & Packaging Market. POLIGRáFICA C.A. has sophisticated equipment that permits magnetic numeration, value packaging, checks, etc.. Market demands and POLIGRáFICA product quality demand, obviously, company’s ISO 2001 norm certification.

Datum: Sonntag, 1. März 2009