After international consulting and a long period of negotiation of PREPACK, in April 2011, during the SISTRADE visit to the facilities of PREPACK in Thailand, we reached a commercial agreement for the sale and installation of Sistrade® license in PREPACK, concluded in contract by the representatives, Mr. Paradorn Chulajata (Managing Director) and Paulo do Souto (Business Manager), in the presence of Ms Surasa Poonapirat (Deputy Managing Director) and André Oliveira (Flexible Packaging & Labels Solutions Department Manager).

PREPACK THAILAND CO., LTD. was founded in 1977 to produce a multi-layer film for pasteurized milk industry. Since then, its know-how in this area has been progressively increasing, becoming experts in co-extrusion of blown film.

Since 1999, the company has invested: in specialized equipment from Germany and Japan, in personnel training and quality systems, thus ensuring a supply of quality products at a competitive price and customer’s satisfaction. The company’s mission is to produce flexible packaging of excellent quality to meet the demands of the customers and focus on innovation in order to provide value-added products to its customers.

The commitment to innovation creates continuing challenges; competition in target market is high, there is a pressing need to invest in an integrated system of business management, vertical to the Flexible Packaging Industry, enabling management and control of the business process (technical data-sheets, estimates, invoicing, CRM, etc.) and production process, such as the issuance of job orders, online production collection in all sectors of the company, production supervision, cost control through comparative reports that allow detailed comparison of estimated costs and times versus produced quantities in real time. After a detailed consultation of international market, Sistrade® is selected for its expertise and added value in the sector and MIS market.

Datum: Freitag, 20. Mai 2011