With Sistrade® Hard Cover Book Estimating, one only has to input net format (closed format), number of pages and type of material to be used in the cover. Final result is automatic calculation of net values for hard cover production and associated costs (materials and times of production). After creating a regular estimate header, with generic information about client and job to be produced, Sistrade® offers a friendly interface where one can estimate all job components.

Before, all measures and materials for cover should be inputted by the operator. Now, when estimating cover component, the operator just input closed book dimensions, number of pages and material to cover’s production. As known, there are, at least two different components in a hard cover: card box and printing material (usually paper). Usually, at least two pieces of card and a sheet of printing material make a cover. However, quantities must be calculated according to number of pages (and paper which will be producing booklets), card box thickness and closed book dimensions. A new interface was developed for formula maintenance, where one can input all measures for hard cover calculations.

Datum: Samstag, 1. März 2008