SISTRADE participation in the coming edition of DRUPA focuses on strengthening its presence in the international market as a supplier of ERP Software for printing and packaging industry, and presenting the most recent version of Sistrade®, which includes features such as:

• Augmented Reality is a tool applied to Packaging, enabling the virtual visualization of the final work. This tool is used when sending an estimate for the production of a package, in which, besides the usual technical information, the customer of the printing company receives the content that, by using a simple webcam, can show the requested package in three-dimensional shape, in its final version. The customer of the printing industry that receives this estimate, by using Augmented Reality application provided by SISTRADE, can view the information of the estimated box in 3D, and thus have a better perspective of the final product.

• Plates management in flexography is a complete tool developed for the plate production process, where the new feature allows the management of the plates, definition of the imposition of the plates and at the same time, the stock control of photopolymer plates, as well as other control processes and internal management. The system also generates a specification file for ESKO ARTWORK program, or other flexo cutting machine, thus avoiding the duplication of the work.

• Scheduling presents new features that allow dynamic and multi-user planning in a simple and effective way. For the companies where the internal scheduling task is carried out by a team of individuals, the scheduling is provided with multi-user functionality, thereby allowing the production planning to be made by more than one user. The planning of employees is the second perspective allowing the user to inter-cross the scheduled job order operations with the employees.

• Sistrade® CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is, nowadays, an essential tool for a company that seeks to raise the quality parameters in terms of customer relationship. In addition to the focus on already existing customers, Sistrade® CRM also provides companies with the tools for market research, allowing the management of potential customers, of new offers and their outcomes, and studying the reasons that led to the approval or rejection of an offer, therefore implementing a continuous improvement in the sales process.

• The extrusion is undoubtedly a complex process that requires advanced technology in terms of machinery and naturally, supported by an information system with data acquisition, makes production more efficient and of higher quality. Through the technological solution Sistrade®, verticalised for this production process, it is possible to get the exact consumption of the raw materials, in particular, to know the consumption in kilos of PP, PE, colorants, accelerators, anti-UV, etc., for a given job order or within a given period of time. It is also possible to calculate in real time the quantities in metres and kilos of produced film. These data can be collected directly by the system without human intervention, given that SISTRADE includes equipment sensing, in order to turn the acquisition of signals as automatic as possible.

• During DRUPA fair, SISTRADE is also going to pay a special attention to security printing area. This particular area includes the production of various works that by their very nature require a different treatment in terms of security, such as printing of credit cards, lottery scratch cards, mobile phone cards, bills, cheques, and other security documents. SISTRADE has an internal security printing development project, the aim of which is to evaluate the manufacture process complexity in order to reflect it more accurately in Sistrade® solution. During the fair some experts shall make several presentations related to this subject, which will reveal some different areas of this market niche.

Come and visit our stand D15 in Hall 7a, where you will be welcomed by a multilingual team of professionals that will meet the specific needs of each company.

Datum: Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012