Industry 4.0


Intelligent Business Management

In order to prepare the production units of our clients and potential clients to the evolutionary challenges lying ahead in the industry (so-called 4th stage of Industry), SISTRADE aim is to naturally help this change with the solutions that enable the complete digitization of production systems through the interconnection of equipment, people and processes, thus allowing for maximization of overall efficiency in organizations.

Industry 4.0 can be defined as the next stage in the digitalization of the production sector, boosted by four disruptions:

  • The surprising increase in the volume of data to be processed, the power of computing and connectivity;
  • The appearance of analytical and business intelligence;
  • New forms of human-machine interaction, such as touch interface and augmented reality systems;
  • Improvements in the transfer of digital instructions to the physical world, such as advanced robotics and 3D printing.

As a result of these four disruptions, we see a change in the traditional relations of production, which leads us to consider that we are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution.

Most of the nine pillars/technologies that serve as the basis for this new industrial revolution, are already in use in factories and within the context of Industry 4.0 these technologies will transform the production process: isolated and optimized cells come together to form a fully integrated, automated and optimized production flow, which will bring greater efficiency and a shift in traditional production relations between distributors, producers and customers, and between equipment and human beings.


Maintenance control tool for infrastructure, equipment or components

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MES - Digital Industry

One of Sistrade’s key applications is Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which delivers solutions to plan, collect data, supervise, and control the industrial process.

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R&D – Research & Development

Innovation is one of the key drivers of the SISTRADE product line. As an innovative company, SISTRADE is always seeking to enhance its innovation capabilities to anticipate new technologies and the needs of its customers.

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Production Planning - Make Better Decisions

Scheduling is the module of Sistrade® software responsible for the scheduling of job orders on Gantt Chart through the algorithm of capability planning.

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How to Increase Productivity at Your Manufacturing Facility?

Sistrade® Industry Management software ensures effective monitoring of workplaces and an efficient production data collection that helps your industry to improve the competitiveness.

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Energy management - Benefits for production process

Effectiveness is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competitors; efficiency is the new goal of the companies. After a clear understanding of the dynamics of the market as well as sustainability trends and best practices, many companies seek for the most efficient solution ...

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Investment in new equipment can help the company to increase the industrial efficiency, however, it is not the only solution, sometimes increasing the capacity of already existing equipment does just the same.

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Ensure an efficient management of accounting and financials, human resources and fixed assets in your company. With Sistrade Financial Software you can plan, analyse and control the financial activities.

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The Importance of Data in Industry 4.0

“Industry 4.0” is a concept created by the German government that defines the next industrial revolution (also called “Factory of the Future”, “Intelligent Factory” or “the 4th Industrial Revolution”) based on the CPS (cyber-physical system). In these systems, people and mach ...

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Why should you optimise your warehouse?

WMS - Warehouse Management System

The mobility can transform the company's warehouse by reducing the possibility of errors and this way increasing the overall performance. Automated data collection not only reduces or even completely eliminates the use of paper in this area of the company but also decreases t ...

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Industrial Performance

SISTRADE offers solutions allowing to generate appropriate information to quickly support decisions, incrementing productivity, aligned with the foundations of Industry 4.0

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is just one of a number of applications that can be used collaboratively to increase business efficiency. By integrating data from different departments and streamlining communication between business elements, Business Intelligence makes a company more ...

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SISTRADE organized the 1st International Conference for current partners and users of Sistrade®, which took place at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Porto on the 6th of July. This international conference was attended by 135 participants of 18 nationalities.

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We believe that these new world environment challenges will enable us how to change our working methods, allowing not only to maintain safety in our works, but also in our homes and especially in our families.

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Smart Warehouse Management with Sistrade WMS

The mobility can transform the company’s warehouse by reducing the possibility of errors and this way increasing the overall performance. Automated data collection not only reduces or even completely eliminates the use of paper in this area of the company but also decreases t ...

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