Business Intelligence

Sistrade BI- Business Intelligence is a multi-dimensional analysis tool, 100% Web based, responsive, user-oriented, which allows aligning the results to the commitments and interests of each company focused on previously established goals. This way, the managers are able to make quick and assertive decisions, using dynamic and appealing dashboards. The tool provides information and results focused on business challenges, providing the dashboards with the added value and guidelines to address the challenges that the managers are faced with. It aims to help companies improve performance by enabling access to multiple data sources, in order to conduct analysis of multiple management areas.

The tool is fully integrated with Sistrade ERP using its database as the source of information. It can be multi-language and multi-company. The results are displayed thinking about the Customer and can be customized to the needs of each company.

All management areas allow the user to perform analysis, by crossing multiple dimensions and metrics, and applying filters to any dimension of analysis in a fast and simple way. Information hubs are set to the needs of each company, allowing the information to be explored.

The results can be displayed analytically and graphically using any device: PC, Tablet, Smartphone… The information can be updated hourly, daily or on weekly basis, and the user can set its latency, this way the business owners have correct and updated data results.


Sistrade® SmartStatistics provides an analytical view of information processed using multiple dashboards built over all functional areas of Sistrade® ERP. The tool provides the most relevant indicators of each functional area of ERP (e.g.: accumulated sales volume, occupation of warehouses in stocks, job orders approved in production, quality, efficiency, availability ratios >> OEE, total debit and credit in accounting, number of active employees in Human Resource module, etc.).

With Sistrade® SmartStatistics tool, the manager can access the most relevant data related to the performance of the company, displaying more than just a simple report, and assisting an unit or an area to make the right decisions.

As a part of constant continuity in the alignment of the pillars of Industry 4.0, SISTRADE is working in innovative projects in order not only to allow the consistent data management throughout the production process, but also to allow technical and procedural inclusion of all the business partners in the value chain, by integrating internal data systems of the companies (IoT – Internet of Things) - ensuring, however, the necessary protection in term of intellectual property rights and data integrity of each partner (Cybersecurity).

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