Energy management - Benefits for production process

Effectiveness is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competitors; efficiency is the new goal of the companies. After a clear understanding of the dynamics of the market as well as sustainability trends and best practices, many companies seek for the most efficient solution to keep up with all the requirements. The answer for many is the innovation and MIS solution, which without doubt qualifies to be at the top of innovations in the company nowadays and a way to more sustainable business.

In a company the implementation of an energy management system may result in a 10% improvement in energy consumption. It ends up serving as an implementation of a new energy source. An energy management system, informs the user when, where and how the energy resources of a company are spent.

The system provides real-time information of a set of parameters related to the power monitoring by equipment or by machine and the possibility to monitor the energy analyzer placed in each machine.


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2019-2-14 Thursday