Investment in new equipment can help the company to increase the industrial efficiency, however, it is not the only solution, sometimes increasing the capacity of already existing equipment does just the same.

Exemplifying it with a practical case, one of our clients, a label converting company, has reached out to SISTRADE team, presenting the problem that they had in their production hall at the time.

Their main problem was the lack of capacity in the Winding/Rewinding and Cutting section. They needed a higher capacity, and even though they already have 12 machines in that section, they were planning to acquire more machines. However, the machine occupation rates we rounding 50%.

SISTRADE team approached the problem by installing the sensors on the cutting machines in order to determine the speed and run/stop status of the machines. That enabled the automatic data acquisition and monitoring in the production data collection interface and, what is more, the automatic register of the downtime, which in a company working in 3 shifts proved itself to be an important factor.

The outcome of implementation Sistrade® Industrial Performance solution was an increase in the occupation rate of 11% - 1600 hours/month, which in itself was an equivalent of two new machines. From the lack of capacity, the company passed to the overcapacity in the Winding/Rewinding and Cutting section.

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2019-1-17 Thursday