R&D – Research & Development

Innovation is one of the key drivers of the SISTRADE product line. As an innovative company, SISTRADE is always seeking to enhance its innovation capabilities to anticipate new technologies and the needs of its customers. As such, SISTRADE has an internal innovation group called the SISTRADE Research Nucleus, dedicated to intensive research and development. On the other hand, SISTRADE has a set of highly skilled software engineers with extensive software development experience and focus both on time proven and recent technologies.

SISTRADE is always seeking for new partnerships to jointly plan and develop bold innovation projects and to go beyond the frontiers of knowledge and technology. In an open innovation world, we do not have a “one size-fits all” approach nor pre-conceived ideas: each project is a different endeavor. Flexibility is key: we can bring intensive advanced research capability, software development expertise, testing or management. We can also bring valuable data and valuable partners from our extensive customer network – if an end-user pilot is needed, we can bring it.

We have a successful track of national and international projects and are always eager to listen your ideas – drop us a line!

Check out what Sistrade Research Nucleus is working on in our website

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