Production Planning - Make Better Decisions

Scheduling is the module of Sistrade software responsible for the scheduling of job orders on Gantt Chart through the algorithm of capability planning. Using Gantt Chart enables the real scheduling or simulation of production planning.

This module allows the user a graphic view of the production status online. In addition, it is also possible to update the information of job orders in an easy and intuitive way. To do this, it is necessary to select each job order and drag it to the new desired location and save the results. This feature is called Drag and Drop, allowing the user to simulate the planning horizontally and vertically on Gantt.

For the companies where the internal scheduling task is carried out by a team of individuals, the scheduling is provided with multi-user functionality, thereby allowing the production planning to be made by more than one user, so the system controls the time at which each user is making the recalculation of scheduling, preventing the other users from making the scheduling changes.

This is a dynamic and interactive system, allowing the manager to anticipate production changes and this way to send alerts to the real-time production.


2019-5-9 Thursday