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SISTRADE is dedicated to pushing its national and international partners in the direction of the European Union Green Deal’s goals of carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve these goals, strong measures needed to be implemented.

Taking into consideration the current need for energy supply, the worldwide volatility of the energy markets, which currently has driven oil and gas prices to the highest levels in nearly a decade, forced EU to expedite the process of making it more sustainable and less dependent on non-renewable energy sources.

The manufacturing industry represents nearly 15% of Europe’s energy budget, still using “grey” energy sources that result in high CO2 emissions. In order to move toward industrial decarbonization, the use of renewables is essential, yet energetic efficiency which is on a similar level of importance is often disregarded. Considering the current panorama, improving industrial energy efficiency is vital for decoupling the economic growth from the negative climate impacts and industrial development.

SISTRADE is committed to helping its partners to move in a sustainable direction. Sistrade’s Energy Management tool can provide their clients with inside knowledge of where their resources are being used, taking advantage of that information to promote a more efficient production, which translates to a more competitive and sustainable product. Taking into consideration the increase in energetic costs, the unpredictability of the market and slow margins, a tool that can be completely integrated with Sistrade’s MES and ERP can provide a more accurate product cost for distinct industrial scenarios, increasing the company’s competitiveness as well as promoting a more responsible solution.

Sistrade Energy Management tool helps companies to understand where energy is being spent in real-time, allowing them to make improved decisions at distinct levels such as timing lighting to restructuring manufacturing processes in order to make them more energetically efficient. Overall, Sistrade Energy Management will provide companies with the ability to go one step forward by:

- Real-time monitoring consumption by section (or even machine component/area) via energy analyzer.

- Provide real-time warnings about exceeding energetic consumption (vs trendlines)

- Real-time information of a set of parameters related to the power monitoring by equipment or by machine

- Setting energetic patterns for distinct types of production orders, equipment, or sectors

- Comparison chart between standard consumption for the operation with significant energy consumption through energy profile and the actual consumption

- Carbon Footprint calculation by section, machine, production order or even product.

- Energetic cost calculation considering the company’s energetic plan by section, machine, production order or even product.

- Real-time analysis and trend definition for internal cogeneration/renewable energy sources.

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