Sistrade Software in line with Industry 5.0

Sistrade Software in line with Industry 5.0: A New era of Efficiency and Innovation

Industry 5.0 is the next wave of industrial revolution that combines the power of automation, connectivity and human skills. Industrial workers need to be able to work alongside advanced machines and robots, using their creativity and intuition to solve problems and optimize processes. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues and superiors, sharing their ideas and insights for continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is an important part of Industry 5.0 because it keeps processes and products better and better. The contribution of industrial talent to the pursuit of continuous improvement is essential, as they possess the expertise and experience necessary to identify areas for improvement and implement changes. Companies can foster a culture of continuous improvement that leads to increased efficiency, quality, and innovation by empowering industrial talent with the right tools and training.

In this context, SISTRADE provides solutions for industrial talent management and employee performance evaluation associated with industrial management, in particular talent management through tools that help in the process of systematization and organization of the skills needed by companies, and how these are distributed by employees. Because the evolution of skills changes over time, tools are provided to evaluate the skills and performance of employees, and the updating of skills can be done automatically from the inference of the activity of each employee in their daily work, with close connection to the industrial management tools typical of Industry 4.0, such as tools for dynamic planning of production orders, collection of production data with direct connection to machines, equipment maintenance, quality control, OEE, among others.

In order to promote a real digital transition in the industry, the information tracking through "every" sector is essential to create a close cycle where real-time information is available, since purchasing needs for each product, to the operator and equipment in which the product is being manufactured, increasing process efficiency, as well as process profitability. Since these are data-driven, when integrated with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software they add a higher value by providing real-time shop floor data and accurate knowledge (through history) about the operational aspect (e.g. costing) rather than "average value" or "empirical knowledge".

In conclusion, the transition to a new industry that requires a new approach to industrial talent and continuous improvement. By investing in their industrial talent and driving a culture of continuous improvement, the industry companies are in need of the right tools and committed partners to lead them towards change and innovation.

SISTRADE has been in the market for over than 23 years, following this evolution and developing solutions to address all the industry needs from the shop floor control to the administrative process. Thus, SISTRADE presents itself as one of the partner of digital transformation, working together with customers from several fields, from textile industry, printing, flexo packaging, plastic extrusion, aiming their business expansion to a more sustainable future.

2024-2-6 Tuesday