Why should you optimise your warehouse?


The mobility can transform the company's warehouse by reducing the possibility of errors and this way increasing the overall performance. Automated data collection not only reduces or even completely eliminates the use of paper in this area of the company but also decreases the possibility of error as all the data are automatically entered into the system.

The warehouse management is done with the support of a simple Wi-Fi terminal, where the management of all the movements within the warehouse is done with the use of barcodes which guarantees data precision without consuming much time. WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a solution developed by SISTRADE web-oriented technology with a real-time connection to the central information system of the company.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) allows reducing costs with the warehouse which as a result, optimizes company’s reception and shipping operations, streamlines logistics and reduces the processing time spent on operations related to the warehouse. WMS ensures faster and more efficient inventory process providing detailed information on lots and notifying about stock inconsistencies.  

WMS is a system that allows the reception of material based on the scheduled delivery plan. The users can easily print barcode labels that identify each packaging, label the material or prepare the automatic delivery note or packing list creation. What is more, the system allows making the inventory and updating stock or transferring the material and many other features.

The main purpose of WMS is making the registration of inputs/outputs/transfers of material in the warehouse through a radio frequency terminal, searching locations, monitoring the position of each package and other features. The simple process provides us with information about the material quantity and location. All the user needs to do to have that information is to read the barcode of the material and the barcode of the warehouse located at the moment of material storage. WMS monitors the flow of materials and enhances the accuracy of the data thus contributing to better warehouse organisation.

2018-12-14 Friday