Manage Printing & Packaging Industry using tablet

The 27th of January of 2010 made a great mark in the history of technological ideas. Since that day, the goal of all manufacturers of consumer electronics sector has been attaching to the portfolio a new product – tablet. Apple was followed by Samsung offering tablets based on Android. Among tablet suppliers are also HTC, Lenovo, Asus, Amazon and Dell. The latest to introduce its product to the market was Microsoft, presenting a table based on Windows 8. However, it was Apple that first noticed the extraordinary potential in using the tablet for everyday use. Other manufacturers of consumer electronics followed Apple with their solutions. 

In four year only tablets established themselves not only in everyday life use but are also applied in in engineering, education, medicine, art and industry. Such wide use gave an extremely dynamic push for the producers of mobile applications. Mobile application had one limitation, it did not provide the user the functionality of the complete software.

Since the introduction of the tablet on the market, the use of web sites has become a new exciting experience. It merged both, browsing comfort with great mobility. Tablet has become an inseparable companion during the business and leisure trips. We can now check emails email, view documents, or contact with friends.

But let us go one step further, imagine that using tablet it is possible to manage the entire company. Let us refer to our sector and talk about the printing house. Imagine that while we are on business mission we can view our production hall. We can see exactly what is happening on each machine, see its performance, speed, O.E.E. and the progress of job order. We have information whether the job runs in the estimated time, if there are no delays, failures, unscheduled downtime. Accurate preview of the operator panel is not a problem for us. On the tablet have the same view as the operator standing in front of the machine. With only one difference that the operator stands in front of the machine, and we are on a business trip to another continent.

From the point of view of the management, the tablet can generate any report of actual data, whether it is a summary of the production costs or review of downtime. The scheduling manager can plan job order using tablet. Besides, MIS|ERP system will support the decisions and suggest optimised job order sequence. Inventory control, raw material consumption forecasting or ordering will be possible from the printing house office.

Managing sales department? There’s nothing easier! Sales managers while visiting the customer, with the use of tablet, can create even the most complex estimates of finished products. Reporting, using CRM module, dealing with complaints - nothing has ever been more simple.

However, for more comfortable working on tablet, the user must have the access to all the MIS|ERP features.  In this case, it is not a mobile application, 100% web-based MIS|ERP gives the unlimited possibilities. To conclude, MIS|ERP should be web-based solution, which can be accessed through a web browser. Only such system architecture means that the user is not dependant on the hardware and operating system.

The user can access all the MIS|ERP features using laptop, tablet or smartphone, regardless of operating system or browser, it is available on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.

The only integrated MIS|ERP system for printing and packaging industry, completely web-based is Sistrade software. SISTRADE company is a global MIS|ERP provider, which could be accessed through web browser, from any mobile device. What is most important, the first version of the system developed in this technology was presented in 2000, the company already has fourteen years of experience in developing web-based systems. From the moment of writing the first line of code, the system was web-based. The creators, from the beginning had one vision - to create MIS|ERP system for the printing and packaging industry, to which the user can have access from anywhere in the world.  Let us look at it from another angle, Sistrade system premiere took place 10 years before the first presentation of the iPad by Steve Jobs! Today, the use of Sistrade software on the tablet gives the user unparalleled comfort, mobility, access to the powerful tools supporting the printing production, and above all it gives independency regardless the hardware platform and operating system.

2017-1-9 Monday