MIS|ERP Software for flexible packaging and film converting

A traditional management system is no longer enough. The Printing Industry has very specific features that demand a custom system. Beyond the common tasks to any company, such as buying, stock management or invoicing, we know that the company is unique in such variables as making estimates, calculating the imposition, managing cylinders, managing products technical sheets, calculating over quantities, accompanying works in progress, scheduling manufacturing orders, delivery deadlines and its working philosophy. That is why we have at your disposal a team with wide knowledge and experience in the Flexible Packaging and Film Converting Industry capable of hearing the market demands, in order to solve common problems in this sector.

Being aware of these problems we have developed Sistrade® Software as a way to guarantee the industrial management of the different company sectors, such as pre-printing, printing, finishing and expedition, placing an increased emphasis on the technical sector, including technical definition of the product, which is supported by Flexible Packaging Technical Data-Sheet, Graphical processes, Extrusion Technical Data-Sheet and Resin Mixture Technical Data-Sheet, combined with the specific (parameterized) estimating according to the product type (flexible packaging) versus the production control in real time.

Main Features:

Watch how Sistrade® ERP is being used in the Flexible Packaging Industry:

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