Sistrade ERP was developed for packaging

Sistrade® MIS|ERP is an integrated IT system dedicated to the folding carton and corrugated packaging industry.

Sistrade® MIS|ERP has modules for complete management of packaging printing, ranging from estimates, production and warehouse management, as well as full analytics and reporting module.

It is a configurable solution that adapts to the work culture of any packaging company. Owing to the web-based architecture of the system, users can access the system from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) equipped with an internet browser.

The system is installed on the client's server (this is where the client’s data is stored) and all employees, either inside or outside the company can use it.

Special features

Over 17 years of experience in developing systems for the packaging industry and implementations in 25 countries has meant that the system now offers the following features desired by the packaging industry:

  • Estimates of corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Library of own packaging designs and ECMA and FEFCO designs database
  • Integration with CAD software through CAD / DXF files
  • Imposition of boxes taking into account technological requirements
  • Estimates including ink and varnish consumption
  • Database of die-cutters (cutting, embossing, braille, Braille etc.)
  • Tracking of material batches
  • Quality control taking into account the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Calculation of packing and stacking on pallets
  • Prepress management
  • Multi-plant scheduling taking into account alternative scenarios
  • Production data collection including costs and their comparison with the estimates
  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Management of finished products (including GS1 standard)
  • Quicklist of shipments of finished products and invoicing


Sistrade® creates an accurate estimate that takes into account all technological aspects of the packaging production process. At a further stage, the estimate can be compared with the actual production costs of a given package. As a result, we get information whether the production is profitable or not.

Only with Sistrade system

The system includes a database of FEFCO and ECMA designs. The user can also import constructions from CAD system in real time. Thanks to the availability of ECMA and FEFCO designs, you can create your own optimal imposition. The system additionally takes into account the imposition consistent with the direction of the board fibres. The system suggests which scenario in terms of cost to choose, which carton and what imposition will generate the lowest cost of production.

Reporting has never been so easy

Management dashboards presenting KPIs from each department. Sistrade® compiled the most important KPIs from all its implementations and implemented them into the system. Know-how and good practices that help raise the culture of an organization to a higher level.

SmartStatistics shows the trends prevailing in a given department on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. SmartStatistics is the first tool for the manager of a given department.

Sistrade® Business Intelligence is a tool that helps in strategic management of the company. It allows management to get an overview at different times and from different perspectives such as sales, finances, stocks, purchases and production. This module is dedicated to management defining long-term and accounting goals for middle-level staff on the progress of achieving short-term and medium-term goals.

2018-7-4 Wednesday