SISTRADE will present the latest version S10 during Graphispag 2017

The new version S10 of MIS|ERP Sistrade® Software is now available on the market. This new customized software solution will help to simplify, accelerate and improve all the processes of industrial manufacturers.

In order to help companies to struggle against the industrial dilemmas of the new era, the MIS|ERP Sistrade® solution is a modern innovation platform that allows customers to make more sustainable and fast decisions, in order to obtain greater competitiveness and higher profitability levels in their companies.

The latest Sistrade® version S10 brings new features and several improvements, enabling the companies to be part of the Industry 4.0 transformation, contributing to an improvement of automation and the increase of the efficiency productivity, and quality along the entire business operations.

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived and companies need to understand the direct and long-term benefits of their digitalization.

The MIS|ERP Sistrade® S10 is Cloud based, modular and highly customizable, cross-browser and multi-device, allowing customers to use it either on PC, Tablet and Smartphone (IOS, Android, Windows and Linux). With MIS|ERP Sistrade® S10 customers are able to perform with agility and optimization tasks such as estimating, orders management, purchasing, stocks and production management, control of the factory floor, accounting, human resources and many other.

All the solutions can be adapted to the individual needs of different Industrial segments, enhancing the Printing & Packaging, Flexible Packaging Printing & Labels industries and Vertical Industries such as Textile, Food, Metalworking and Publishing.


2017-3-3 Friday